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Want to Lose Weight? Increase Your Activity Level Just 10 Percent Each Month

People who lose weight permanently make small, daily steps toward their goal because they know that inch by inch, virtually anything is possible. Once you decide what your activity level will be, I encourage you to simply increase it by 10 percent per month. You’ll be amazed at your progress within only a few weeks.

Once you make this commitment to increase your activity level slowly and gently, you will find you’ve made a major paradigm shift from compulsive overexercising, where exercise is the master, to where you and you alone are in control. Once you decide which activity you choose to do, then you will do it, because you decided. If you do not enjoy it, your activity will become a duty, which will lead to guilt, depression, anger, and ultimately fear. And we are not into fear.

Try using the following affirmations by reading them aloud two to three times a day or more. They are your ticket to reshaping your mind-set as you reshape your body in a natural, pleasing, effective way.


1. God made me an active and alive human being. I enthusiastically believe this as I enjoy my life to its fullest.

2. My body was created to move, not sit still. That’s why I engage in one activity at least 15 minutes a day. I am happy there are no rules for this activity.

3. I am excited about my balanced schedule of activity. I feel good about myself just knowing that I’m making progress.

4. I’m delighted that I can be active without weighing myself. The scale used to be my judge, jury, and executioner. Now I simply enjoy life.

5. I now know that permanent weight loss is an inside job. I make no demands of my exercise routine. It’s simply an important part of maintaining my emotionally healthy life.

6. I believe the words of the ancient prophet Jeremiah who said, “For I know the plans I have for you…they are plans for good and not for evil to give you a future and a hope.” I believe this with all my heart and soul.

7. I have made a decision to join the growing ranks of people who lose weight permanently. I am increasing my activity level 10 percent each month, and my body is responding with a resounding THANK YOU!

8. My attitude is my choice. I can enjoy my daily activity for its sheer enjoyment. I am choosing a healthy positive attitude about my daily success.

People who lose weight permanently no longer spend their time thinking about food, their bodies, exercise, competition, or comparing their progress with others. Their new, liberated mind-set gives them — as it will give you — the time to do the really important things in life!

SOURCE: Chapter 5, “From Guilt Cycle to Bicycle,” in Losing Weight Permanently: Secrets of the 2 Percent Club by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD., founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc.

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