The Center Alumni Program

Continue your recovery with the treatment team, fellow clients, and community you know and trust. Call now at 888.771.5166 to learn more.

The Alumni Program. Your Recovery Continues.

Welcome to the Alumni Program at The Center • A Place of HOPE. The Program is designed to provide ongoing support and care for those who have received treatment at The Center, and to manage ongoing resources. Features of the Alumni Program include:

  • The Alumni Portal, created especially for The Center • A Place of HOPE Alumni. Are you an Alum? Just click here to sign up.
  • A dedicated, private Facebook Alumni Community, managed by Alumni and staff, called The Center • A Place of Hope – Alumni Group
  • A dedicated Alumni Program Director and support staff
  • Special Alumni Refresher Treatment Programs

Dr. Gregory Jantz | Founder

Alumni Welcome

Your Recovery Extends Beyond Your Time at The Center

Statistics show that a strong aftercare program is key to maintain the long-term benefits of treatment. We believe your recovery extends beyond your time at The Center. We are committed to walking with you during the post-treatment period, offering support and tools you need to stay healthy, happy and balanced.

Through the Alumni Refresher program, alumni receive ongoing support through an active and vibrant alumni Facebook community, weekly newsletters, weekly zoom groups with Center Staff, and an alumni portal.

Alumni Support Begins the Day You Arrive

We share with you the various programs and support that are available to you upon your departure from The Center. After your treatment is complete and you leave to return home, we remain committed to your recovery.

It starts with ongoing newsletters from your Alumni Team at The Center.

Within The Center • A Place of HOPE newsletter, you will receive great articles and uplifting support.

Treatment Programs For Alumni

This program is ideal for Alumni who are looking to maintain (or recapture) the benefits of their initial treatment. We work with you to create the perfect, personalized program that will provide the most impact for you.

As an Alumnus, you work with your favorite award-winning staff members in a relaxed, comfortable environment and, together, get you back on top of your game.

For your Refresher Program, you are able to request housing, and also be involved in creating the program that will be best for you. While in Edmonds, we work to provide special programs just for returning alumni.

Call Admissions at 888.771.5166 to learn more about The Alumni Refresher Program.

Personal Stories From Our Clients

  • Returning to The Center

    0.5 minutes
  • Learning Life Skills

    2 minutes
  • Healing Past Trauma

    1 minute
  • A Positive Experience

    1 minute
  • Breaking Down Stereotypes

    1 minute

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