Treatment For OCD

OCD is treatable. Regain your life and return to normalcy. Call now at 888.771.5166 to learn more.

  • Overcoming OCD

    2 minutes
  • Feeling Safe & Vulnerable

    2 minutes
  • Processing Trauma

    3 minutes

Effective and Lasting OCD Treatment

Are repetitive thoughts and compulsive behaviors interfering with your everyday life? Do you find yourself so obsessed with cleanliness, order, or repetition that it’s stealing time and energy from other things that you would rather be doing?

Left untreated, OCD can cause serious problems with relationships, work, social engagements, and even your health. Unfortunately, OCD does not just “go away” over time. But OCD is very treatable, and Whole Person Care can be the right solution for you.

At The Center • A Place of HOPE, we have successfully treated OCD for years, and are ready to help you.

Do These OCD Symptoms Look Familiar?

Imagine how much more you could enjoy your life if you could stop: 

  • Avoiding people so as not to shake hands
  • Washing your hands to the point of rubbing them raw
  • Cleaning your house to the point of exhaustion
  • Arranging and rearranging furniture, clothes, canned goods until they are “just right”
  • Repeatedly checking electrical appliances are turned off, doors are locked or windows are closed
  • Repeating aloud or silently the same words or thoughts over and over again
  • Hoarding things you don’t want or need

We begin your treatment with:

  • A complete health and fitness assessment
  • A comprehensive psychological evaluation
  • Complete medical and nutritional assessments
  • Healthy, nutritious, delicious weekday meals

Your Whole Person Care OCD Treatment

Though your compulsive feelings and activities may seem overwhelming and impossible to stop at this moment, you can restore balance to your life through proven OCD treatment at The Center • A Place of HOPE. Our program is founded on a holistic approach that treats you as a “whole” person.

Your whole-person based OCD treatment program is individualized to suit you and your unique requirements. We take the time to get to know you personally, even before you arrive for your obsessive compulsive disorder treatment. When you arrive, we’ll know the unique aspects of your situation and how best to facilitate your recovery. Just as importantly, you will have complete peace of mind from having all of your questions answered about your OCD treatment.

We promise to provide an atmosphere of respect, confidentiality and trust in all interactions with you, from the first phone call to the heartfelt goodbyes when you return home.

Personal Stories From Our Clients

  • Processing Trauma

    3 minutes
  • Conquering Tough Emotions

    1 minute
  • Learning Life Skills

    2 minutes

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Lodging & Housing

When you arrive at The Center • A Place of HOPE, you are met by a caring member of your team and introduced to your modern condominium-style apartment, complete with a new kitchen, a large living room, and comfortable, warm bedrooms. Most condominiums have decks and patios.

Your lodging, including housekeeping, laundry and linen services, is included at no additional cost.