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Would you like to refer a client? We would be honored to care for them.

The Center has been voted a Top Ten Facility for Depression Treatment.

Information for Treatment Professionals

Led by Dr. Gregory Jantz, PhD, and a world-class team of medical doctors, registered nurses, licensed counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, dietitians and nutritionists, fitness consultants, and ordained spiritual counselors, The Center • A Place of HOPE would like to partner with you.

For more than 30 years, we have worked with primary care providers, therapists, marriage counselors, and mental health professionals to provide intensive care for their existing clientele.

We Strive to Be Your Trusted Referral Resource

The Center receives referrals from fellow professionals like you who utilize our services to compliment their own. Together, we work with you to discuss your patient’s specific treatment needs. We explain our whole-person care provided at The Center • A Place of HOPE, and learn about your client, your treatment to date, and your recommendations for what is the best course moving forward.

Our goal is to be an ideal option to provide the additional treatment you are seeking for your client. To learn more, please call our dedicated referral number at 888.917.7860.

Our caring staff knows that you are seeking a quality environment and capable caregivers to compliment the care you have already provided. With a specialization in treating co-occurring issues, our programs have proven to provide full, long-lasting recoveries for men and women seeking care for a wide range of disorders and addictions.

After you refer a client to The Center, we stay in close contact with you to provide updates on their progress. Once treatment is close to completion, we work with you to facilitate a smooth transition back to your care for ongoing post-treatment care.

Working with you, we make lasting recovery a reality.

Referring Your Client

Sometimes a client requires intensive treatment or care that their therapist, because of time or acumen, is unable to provide. The next step for the professional is to identify and recommend an appropriate facility that can best treat and care for their patient.

Examples of intensive treatment needs include acute trauma, severe depression, anxiety, severe eating disorders, sexual or physical abuse, or intense co-occurring issues.

For over 30 years, The Center • A Place of HOPE has worked with outstanding professionals from around the world, covering virtually all areas of treatment and care, to collaborate and provide the level of care their patients and clients need and deserve for a complete recovery.

Our whole-person approach to care produces excellent results. We truly care about our relationship with you, and your relationship with your client. Together, we often can help you complete the intensive care you have already begun.

If you have a patient or client that you feel may benefit from our services, please call our private professional referral number 1-888.917.7860 to speak with one of our referral specialists.

Or, if you would like to visit with us about how a referral relationship would work, please call us at 888.917.7860 to discus our programs and how they might compliment your existing services. You are also welcome to refer a client or have their family member contact us directly at 888.771.5166.

We can provide the level of care for any of your clients who might benefit from intensive care. We appreciate your dedication and passion to help others, and look forward to working with you.

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