Depression Test

The Center • A Place of HOPE is recognized as Top 10 Facility in the U.S. for the treatment of depression. We specialize in diagnosing and caring for those suffering from depression. We also specialize in treating those with co-occurring issues with their depression-like anxiety, substance abuse, an eating disorder, trauma, and other issues.

Am I Depressed?

The quiz responses are all depression indicators. The quiz is not a scientific tool, but rather a way for you to identify contributing conditions in your life. Answer all the questions thoughtfully to yourself with a yes or no answer.

The more of these questions which you answer yes indicates your level of probable depression. While a low probability does not mean that treatment might not be helpful, a higher score doesn’t necessarily mean formal treatment is required. But the higher the score, the greater the likelihood a formal treatment program may be helpful.

Depression Test

Answer each of these questions within this depression quiz truthfully. Do you frequently experience:

  • Loss of enjoyment in established activities
  • Restlessness, fatigue, or lack of motivation at work
  • An increase in irritability or impatience
  • A sense of being either wound up or weighed down
  • A sense of being overburdened with life and its activities
  • A lack of spiritual peace or well being
  • Relief fueled by controlling aspects of your personal behavior
  • A fear of expressing strong emotions
  • Constant anxiety or vague fear about the future
  • A sense of being unappreciated by others
  • Feelings of martyrdom
  • A pattern of impulsive thinking or rash judgments
  • Sexual difficulties or loss of interest in sexual activities
  • Enjoyment in seeing others’ discomfort
  • Anger at God for how you feel
  • A recurrent pattern of headaches, muscle aches, body pains
  • Social Isolation and distance from family or friends
  • A sense of being trapped by the day’s activities
  • A pattern of pessimistic or critical comments and/or behaviors
  • The belief that your best days are behind you
  • A sense of being left out of life
  • A binge on high-calorie foods to feel better
  • Upon waking, apathy about how the day will turn out
  • A preference just to do things yourself
  • Recurring gastrointestinal difficulties
  • A sense of being trapped inside your body
  • Dread of family get-togethers or social gatherings
  • The self-perception of being overweight, unattractive, unlovable
  • A sense of being old, discarded, without value
  • No motivation to try new activities
  • A significant change in appetite
  • Recurring disturbances in sleep patterns
  • Increased agitation or inability to relax
  • Fatigue, lethargy or loss of energy
  • Sadness, despondency, despair, loneliness
  • Inability to concentrate, focus, or make decisions
  • Recurring thoughts of death or suicide
  • Plans for suicide or an attempt at suicide

There is lots more to learn about depression causes & symptoms? Get in touch with us today and speak with us to see how we can help you heal.

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Whole Person Care

The whole person approach to treatment integrates all aspects of a person’s life:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Physical health
  • Spiritual peace
  • Relational happiness
  • Intellectual growth
  • Nutritional vitality