Depression Test

The Center • A Place of HOPE is recognized as Top 10 Facility in the U.S. for the treatment of depression. We specialize in diagnosing and caring for those suffering from depression. We also specialize in treating those with co-occurring issues with their depression-like anxiety, substance abuse, an eating disorder, trauma, and other issues.

Am I Depressed?

The quiz responses are all depression indicators. The quiz is not a scientific tool, but rather a way for you to identify contributing conditions in your life. Answer all the questions below with a yes or no answer.

When you finish, submit your responses. You will immediately be taken to a page with your results and assessment. While fewer “yeses” does not mean that treatment might not be helpful, a higher score doesn’t necessarily mean formal treatment is required. But the higher the score, the greater the likelihood a formal treatment program may be helpful.

Depression Treatment at The Center

Dr. Gregory Jantz and Staff Provide Insight

4 minutes

Depression Test

Answer each of these questions within this depression quiz truthfully.

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There is much more to learn about depression causes and symptoms. Contact us today and speak with a specialist to see how we can help you heal. You can fill out the form below, or on the next page which shows your test results.

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Whole Person Care

The whole person approach to treatment integrates all aspects of a person’s life:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Physical health
  • Spiritual peace
  • Relational happiness
  • Intellectual growth
  • Nutritional vitality