The Center • A Place of HOPE

We Treat Depression, Anxiety, Eating-Disorders, Trauma, PTSD, Addiction & OCD

We Offer One-Day Admissions

Our admissions process is efficient and comprehensive. If you are looking to start treatment quickly, we are proud to offer one-day admissions.

The Center • A Place of HOPE

Changing lives for good

Award-Winning Mental Health Treatment Facility

With 37 years of leadership in mental and behavioral health, The Center • A Place of HOPE is a Top Ten Facility for Depression Treatment. Our caring and experienced staff provide professional excellence in the treatment for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, addiction, abusive relationships and more.

Our vision is to be A Place of HOPE, providing inspired healthcare for restoring balance to the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Treatment Programs

Your treatment is centered on the proven whole person care approach to recovery. Your program, and your care team, is crafted specifically for your unique needs.

We work with most major insurance providers and have financing options available. Call us today at 888.771.5166 to learn more.

We Work With Your Insurance

Each insurance carrier provides different levels of coverage for different treatment programs, but we can give you a good estimate based on historical data from each carrier. Unfortunately, we are unable to bill state and federally funded insurance or HMO plans.

We do accept private pay for treatment. Many people like this option to ensure they receive additions to their treatment, customization, and details that insurance might not provide.

The Center works with most major insurance providers. Learn more about our various financing options by clicking below.

Personal Stories From Our Clients

  • Overcoming Depression

    1 minute
  • Overcoming Trauma

    2 minutes
  • Overcoming Anxiety

    2 minutes
  • Treating the Whole Person

    3 minutes
  • Learning Life Skills

    2 minutes

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Whole Person Care

The whole person approach to treatment integrates all aspects of a person’s life:

  • Emotional well-being
  • Physical health
  • Spiritual peace
  • Relational happiness
  • Intellectual growth
  • Nutritional vitality