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If a friend or family member shows signs that their mental health is suffering, they may need help as soon as possible.

Our Admissions Team can take your call between 8am-5pm PT.

What Makes the Center Different

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How to Prepare to Help Your Friend or Family Member

Be ready for them to brush off or deny your concerns when the time comes; having an outline ready of what you would like to say before a meeting can be very helpful in making the conversation effective and productive.

You and your loved one must remain calm in every conversation without becoming defensive or argumentative. Doing this may be challenging, but it will ensure they feel supported and safe with you.

It will help if you demonstrate empathy towards their situation by reflecting on what they said in your own words without agreeing or disagreeing – a form of listening known as reflective. Reflective listening can be extremely effective in getting them to talk openly about their thoughts and emotions with you.

Make it easier for your loved one to seek treatment by offering to assist in booking appointments with a therapist, reaching out to potential therapists, and checking insurance coverage. Furthermore, offer to accompany them on initial appointments to ease resistance towards seeking help.

Our admissions process is efficient and comprehensive. If your friend or family member is concerned by a lengthy admissions process and wants to start treatment quickly, we proudly offer one-day admissions.

See the quaint town of Edmonds, WA

Edmonds, WA

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FAQs on How Your Can Help

What is the average length of stay?

Four weeks is a typical length of treatment, but each person is different. Some people may require less than four weeks; others may require more.

Can clients have visitors during their stay?

Our care level is intensive day treatment. After 5 pm, or all day Sunday, is the client’s free time. Our clients can certainly meet a loved one for dinner or a walk around the beautiful neighborhood of Edmonds or on the beach during free time.

Are there classes for nutrition and fitness?

Yes, we provide nutritious cooking classes three evenings a week, and a complimentary membership to a world-class fitness center while in Edmonds,

Do clients have their own private rooms?

There are several different options for housing, including private rooms. An admission specialist will discuss the best housing option for you and your needs.

What is the recommendation around a client's employment?

Requesting a medical leave of absence from work is best to pursue the time off needed for a treatment program.

What information should I pass on to my loved one to help them seek treatment more easily?

The easiest way to pursue treatment is to have your loved one call us – we look forward to talking with them soon! Our telephone number to speak to an admission specialist is

We Work With Your Insurance

Each insurance carrier provides different levels of coverage for different treatment programs, but we can give you a good estimate based on historical data from each carrier. Unfortunately, we are unable to bill state and federally funded insurance or HMO plans.

We do accept private pay for treatment. Many people like this option to ensure they receive additions to their treatment, customization, and details that insurance might not provide.

The Center works with most major insurance providers. Learn more about our various financing options by clicking below.

A Few Useful Resources

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  • How to Help Someone With Anxiety

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