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How to Heal from Emotional Trauma

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  June 5, 2024

This article explores the process of healing from emotional trauma. It details how to identify emotional trauma, describes its effects on mental and physical health, and provides an overview of the effectiveness of therapeutic approaches, including cognitive-behavioral therapy and EMDR, plus self-help strategies. Guidance on when to seek professional help...

The Impact of Trauma on Brain Function and Behavior

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  June 5, 2024

This article explores the neurological and psychological effects of trauma on the brain. It explains how trauma can alter brain function, potentially leading to changes in behavior, and discusses the latest research in the field. Finally, information on therapeutic approaches that help in the recovery and rehabilitation of trauma-impacted brain...

Understanding Acute Stress - Symptoms, Causes, and Management Techniques

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  June 5, 2024

Think about the last time you were in a frightening or stress-inducing situation. Not something like having too many deadlines at work, but something that was immediately scary – like almost getting into a car accident or finding out you may be losing your job. When this happened, you may...

Understanding and Managing Stress-Related Memory Issues

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 24, 2024

We all struggle with memory and focus to a certain extent at times. For example, it’s a common experience to forget the name of someone you just met or misplace your keys. Several factors can cause memory loss, but research shows stress can worsen it. High stress can affect your...

Stress and Digestive Troubles: Why Your Stomach Reacts and How to Soothe It

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 24, 2024

One of the most immediately recognizable physical symptoms of stress is stomach troubles. When you’re feeling very scared or nervous, you might have a stomachache or even feel nauseous. But what, exactly, is the connection between digestive issues and stress, and how can you soothe your stomach when it’s acting...

Managing Stress-Induced Hair Loss: Understanding and Overcoming the Condition

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 24, 2024

You may have heard that going through severely stressful situations can cause clumps of your hair to suddenly fall out. But is stress-induced hair loss a myth, or can it happen? And if you’re noticing more hair going down the drain, what can you do about it? Here’s what we...

The Psychological Impact of Chronic Stress: Understanding and Managing its Impacts

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 18, 2024

There is a severe health epidemic happening in America: the widespread epidemic of chronic stress. In the American Psychological Association’s 2023 report, around 25% of Americans rated their stress levels as eight or above on a scale of one to ten[1]. We tend to try to dismiss or ignore stress;...

How to Break a Trauma Bond

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 18, 2024

This article is a comprehensive guide to identifying and breaking free from trauma bonds. As well as helping individuals to recognize the signs of a trauma bond in their relationships, the article covers the psychological dynamics at play. It offers guidance on seeking professional help, establishing healthy boundaries, and nurturing...

Recognizing and Addressing Burnout: Signs, Symptoms, and Recovery

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 18, 2024

Burnout is so pervasive in American society today that it’s almost normalized. Three in 5 U.S. employees report burnout, which is even higher in certain professions[1]. Stress and burnout are often dismissed as natural parts of working life, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Although burnout is very...

How Stress Affects Women’s Health

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 8, 2024

In the hustle and bustle of modern life, we’re all affected by stress to some degree. But gender inequalities in responsibilities and privileges can make stress feel even more unbearable for women – and it should come as no surprise women are much more likely to live under high stress...

What is Trauma Dumping

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 8, 2024

This article defines and explains the concept of 'trauma dumping' - the act of unloading one's traumatic experiences onto others without consent or awareness. It also provides advice on how to handle situations where someone is trauma dumping, both as the sharer and the listener, while maintaining healthy boundaries. What...

What is a Trauma Bond

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 8, 2024

This article explains what a trauma bond is, highlighting its characteristics and how it differs from healthy emotional attachments. It delves into the psychological underpinnings of trauma bonds, such as the cycle of abuse and intermittent reinforcement, and discusses why these bonds can be so powerful and hard to break....

OCD and the Seasons - How Seattle’s Dark Winters Could Be Making Your OCD Worse

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 4, 2024

Seattle’s winters are known to be dark and rainy. The days are short and gloomy, and many people find their mood negatively impacted. You could even develop depression symptoms that go away when the sun returns in the summer. But did you know the darkness of the winter months could...

Can Stressful Life Events and Transitions Trigger OCD

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 4, 2024

Transitions and change mark life. Life transitions, such as changes in living situation, career, or relationship status, are inherently accompanied by uncertainty and stress. And while transitions are a standard part of life, for those living with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), they can become intense triggers for worsening symptoms. If you’re...

Trauma, Sexual Dysfunction, and Relationship Challenges

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  April 4, 2024

The impact of traumatic experiences in life can be far-reaching. Unresolved traumatic experiences can manifest in our most intimate relationships, leading to trust issues, sexual dysfunction, or aversion. These can then be further complicated by online infidelity or addiction to online pornography - often a result of the earlier trauma....

PTSD and Pandemic: Can You Get PTSD From a Pandemic?

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  March 13, 2024

Do you ever have nightmares about the Covid-19 pandemic? Or do intrusive thoughts or memories pop up that make it difficult to function? Have you been having difficulty concentrating in the past few years? If so, you may be dealing with pandemic-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Several years into the...

Nurturing Resilience - The Role of Gardening in Trauma Recovery

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  March 13, 2024

The power of nature and gardening as a therapeutic practice can be transformative for those who have experienced trauma. This article will delve into the profound benefits of gardening, focusing on grounding, mindfulness, and nurturing life. It will also explore the science behind why it's such a transformative practice for...

Healing Spaces - Creating Environments That Facilitate Trauma Recovery

By: Dr. Gregory Jantz  •  March 13, 2024

Healing Spaces: Creating Environments That Facilitate Trauma Recovery This article explores how designing and creating a physical environment, like a calming and safe living space, can support trauma recovery. Elements such as color psychology, space optimization, and including elements of nature for a healing ambience are all discussed, as is...

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