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    Weathering the Storm with Your Teenagers

    As adults have gone through adolescence ourselves, we recognize that being a teen is a black-or-white, all-or-nothing time. Much of this roller coaster of emotions has to do with the hormonal, chemical changes going on within a teenage body. There are a couple of key things you can do as a parent to help your teen weather this particular storm.

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    Is Gambling an Issue for You?

    Addictions are compulsive behaviors that take over your life. They can come through behaviors that charge up the body’s own feel-good responses. They are meant, initially, to bring relief, comfort, excitement, or pleasure. They do not provide control; they take control.

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    Dr. Jantz and The Center Partner with Dr. Michael Gurian

    Are you getting on with your life with courage and enthusiasm, knowing that somehow you will fulfill your dreams, or have you all but thrown in the towel? Your answers reflect how you see yourself today but they also may suggest that you are still believing and living out too many of the lies your life script may have been feeding you.

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    Recognizing When You Need Help – (Part 1)

    Help is not always something you’re willing to accept. If you’re at the end of your rope, you have to drop that rope and grasp onto another one you’re not holding. If you’re up a creek without a paddle, once given a paddle, you actually have to start paddling, often against the current. If you’re in over your head, you have to decide to come up for air. Help is needed, help is offered, but help also has to be accepted. Help is a three-step process.

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