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How To Process Feelings of Anger

Emotions are much like the weather. Weather is a product of the environment: mixing of warm and cold air, lunar and ocean cycles, and shifts in tectonic plates. Emotions are also caused by various events in our environment. If someone steals your wallet, you feel... read more

A Fat Worse Than Death

Anorexia is, simply stated, starving yourself to death. It comes from an obsessive fear and a desperate desire to maintain control over that fear. The fear very often has nothing to do with food. Fear of eating or of being fat is substituted for a different fear with... read more

Cleaning Out Your Toxic Dump

We all know about the toxic dumps that pose great danger to our personal health and the environment in general. If there’s one near your house, or your child’s school or playground, you will vigorously protest until it is removed. That’s because you know that toxins... read more

Signs of Sexual Addiction

There is something so fundamental about sex that it can be difficult for people to view it as potentially addictive. However, much like an eating disorder, often the most difficult addictions are those that are connected to an otherwise healthy activity. Sex was... read more

Kylie, 19 – Female

The admissions team was so very welcoming and easy to talk with. They genuinely cared for and supported me immediately. It helped me to feel very comfortable knowing that The Center was the right choice for me to make to help improve my life. I am so grateful to the... read more

Who Suffers from PTSD?

Posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) can result from any traumatic event in which a person comes to harm or believes harm will happen. The harm can be to that person or to someone they know. Witnessing a traumatic event involving a stranger can also cause PTSD. The... read more

Mastering Your Mood

One of the skills we teach clients is mood mastery, or how to choose their mood. All of us have a profusion of moods at our disposal at any given time. So often, we choose negative moods simply because we’ve formed a habit of submitting to their strong presence. We’ve... read more