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Turning Failure Into Confidence

Turning Failure Into Confidence

We should not be ashamed of failure.  What may appear as failure could actually mean we had the courage to try something different.  With failure comes an understanding that we now have a better idea of how it should be done.  In other words, what some people call failure, we can call a learning experience. 

If what we call failure is never final but simply a means of getting closer to our goals, then it stands to reason that the best book has not yet been written.  The most beautiful concerto has not yet been composed.  The most energy-efficient car has yet to come off the production line.  The most effective cancer cure has not yet been developed in the laboratory.  And the better you has yet to emerge. 

What are you willing to do, starting today, to ratchet up your confidence a notch or two?  What can you tackle right now to help you deal with your challenges in ways you never thought possible?  How can you make your most intimate relationships better and stronger?  How can you revisit old attitudes, and perhaps revise them, to help you reach out to hose in need in creative, new ways?

Get out your journal and write responses to the following: 

  1. Choose a specific thing to work on immediately that will help you know the joy of living confidently.  Describe your objective and how you plan to accomplish it. 
  2. Identify the habitual ways of thinking that have been holding you back, making you afraid, and keeping you from believing your dreams will come true. 
  3. Write down what you plan to do to make life’s circumstances adjust to your dreams and not the other way around. 
  4. Reflect on the Chinese proverb, “Flowers leave part of their fragrance in the hands that bestow them.”  Write your thoughts in your journal.
  5. What is your primary response to this statement, “Becoming more comfortable with myself is a strong sign of growth and inner confidence”?
  6. In the past you have often used unreliable maps and timetables and have even chosen non-supportive traveling companions, at times.  Write what you now know you must do to find inner healing.
  7. When you exchange your mistakes for wisdom and increased confidence, you make an excellent trade because you now know what? 

As you work deliberately to develop confidence in your daily living, concern yourself with the things you can harness rather than issues that are beyond your control.  Perhaps it’s your futile attempts to conquer every one of your challenges that have burned you out, bringing you to the edge of emotional exhaustion. 

While it is noble to believe you possess the requisite resources to solve each problem that arises in your life, it’s probably not too realistic.  You simply cannot do it all.  Do only what you can do at first.  Then, follow your small successes with small risks, which will further increase your confidence and eventually make you strong.

Are you struggling with past failure and feeling depressed?  Do you feel that your life is not in your control? The Center • A Place of HOPE is here to help. Contact us today at 1-888-771-5166 and speak with a confidential specialist.  Begin the healing process and have confidence that there is hope, and that joy is attainable. 


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