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How God Promises Hope

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In this life, there is nothing outside of God that is reliable, permanent, and unchanging. When you anchor your hope to things tied up with this life, you will be disappointed. If you want to find hope fulfilled, you must place your hope in God. When you do this, your hope is safe; your hope is true. Hebrews 6:19 says that this hope is an anchor for your soul.

Here are just a few promises about putting your hope in God. I venture to say that all of the other things you’ve been pinning your hopes on are unable to claim the same:

  • God promises in Psalm 25:3 that if you hope in Him, you will never be put to shame for that hope. How many times have you been ashamed of where else you’ve placed your hope?
  • God promises in Psalm 31:24 strength and courage for all those who hope in Him. How many times have your strength and courage failed you because of where you’ve placed your hope?
  • God promises in Psalm 33:18 to watch over you and love you when you place your hope in Him. In all of the things you’ve put your hope in, which one of them has ever had the capacity to protect and love you?
  • God promises in Psalm 62:5 to give rest to those who hope in Him. Further, He promises to be enough, to be sufficient, for the hope that is in you. Of all of the things you’ve put your hope in, which one ever gave you a true sense of rest and peace? Which one proved to be enough, to be sufficient? Instead, didn’t each one keep demanding more and more and more?
  • God promises in Isaiah 40:31 to renew your strength. Which of your excessities ever provided long-term renewal?

Excessities, though they can take control, are still ultimately under your control. You set the time, the place, the amount. You even set what the reward is. You establish the parameters for your own excessities. Truly, you give the excessity power. God, however, is sovereign unto Himself.

Bottom line: God delivers hope; excessities provide only a shadow.

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