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Fund the Film: Documentary On Bi-Polar Disorder Needs Our Support

“In the early morning of February 6th, 1995, after a decades-long struggle with bipolar disorder, my mother, Nina Leichter, committed suicide by jumping out of a window. I was twenty-eight. This event shattered my world. Suddenly, the magnetic, alluring, brilliant, emotionally volatile person whom I had been trying to hold on to all of my life was gone forever. And this time there would be no getting her back….”

This is Kathy Leichter’s story – one she poignantly explores in the documentary film, Here One Day. Yet for all the personal details that set Kathy’s story apart from anyone else’s, it is hauntingly familiar. In fact, 90 percent of suicides stem from mental illness.

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, I would like to take this opportunity to ask for your support of Kathy’s film.

No words I share here can so powerfully express the beauty of Here One Day as can the film itself. Please take just a few moments of your time to watch the trailer at Kickstarter.com where you can help fund this important project. Whether you can pledge $5 or $500, it will move the movie one step closer to its $25,000 goal.

As of this writing, Here One Day has raised more $21,264. There’s just one catch. Per Kickstarter rules, the project only receives funding if the entire goal is met by the deadline date. In other words, Here One Day needs to raise another $3,736 by May 31st.

As Kathy states, the funding goes toward editing, music, sound design, sound mixing, video finishing, film fest entries and screenings. Time is of the essence, as Here One Day has already been invited for its first major screening at the American Psychiatric Association’s 63rd Institute of Psychiatric Services (IPS) in October.

Will you help?

Though helping with the completion of this film is reward enough, each pledge level comes with thank you gifts that include on-screen credit for your support, tickets to the premiere and more.

Click here to back this inspiring, deserving project through Kickstarter.com.

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