7 Ways to Grow Through Life's Storms

April 6, 2010   •  Posted in: 

Your road to becoming strong again must work through the whole series of past storms that have wreaked havoc on your body, soul, and spirit. But the good news is that now you know you weathered those storms; they helped you grow in ways that you were not even aware and they have shaped you into the person you have now become. Often it’s only when our eyes have been washed clear with buckets of tears that we will ever get a handle on the larger vision for ourselves and our place in the world.

Although you may never fully understand why or how the storms of your past have freshened the air your breathe today, you can find a healthy, new perspective that grants you the freedom to:

  1. Take time to think; it is the source of your power.
  2. Take time to play; it is the secret of your youth.
  3. Take time to read; it is the foundation of your knowledge.
  4. Take time to dream; it will take you to the stars.
  5. Take time to laugh; it really is your best medicine.
  6. Take time to pray; it is your tough with the almighty God.
  7. Take time to reach out to others; it will give your life significance.

It’s hard to believe that a person like Mother Teresa ever fell victim in anger or animosity to her past. Perhaps it’s because of how she always saw the impoverished of body and spirit through the eyes of Christ. As you ponder those difficult areas of your past — ghosts that may still haunt you and that remain hurtful — allow the words Mother Teresa often spoke to sweep over your spirit:

“I come to you, Jesus, to take your touch before I begin my day. Let your eyes rest upon my eyes for awhile. Let me take to my work the assurance of your friendship. Fill my mind to the last, through the desert of noise. Let your blessed sunshine fill my thoughts, and give me strength for those who need me.”

SOURCE: Chapter 5: “Removing the Ghosts of Your Past” in How to De-Stress Your Life by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD., founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc.

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