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No Social Networking, TV, Games for 21 Days: What I’ve Discovered

The following was previously posted on Facebook by a friend of mine. If you entertain the thought of disconnecting from all things tech for a while, Anna Groves’ experience may give you some idea of what you have to look forward to.

No Social Networking, TV, Games for 21 Days: What I’ve Discovered

1. I am a creature of habit. The more I do something, the more I crave it, and the more of a second nature it becomes.

2. I learned that my kids talk. A lot. About everything. They tell their secrets, fears, dreams and hopes. And our relationships have deepened immeasurably because of it.

3. I saw countless subtle things that I would have missed, had my face been in my phone.

4. I am less irritable.

5. I feel free.

6. I don’t get jealous of that hangout that I wasn’t invited to.

7. My friends showed up. A phone call, a coffee, a dinner is SO MUCH better and more fulfilling and more real and more true than a like or a comment.

8. I drew closer to God. That still small voice came to the surface. And I loved it.

9. I lessened procrastination in many areas of my life.

10. In those idle moments where I’d normally veg out, I read or hung out with my family. I was truly present.

11. I wrote letters. With a pen. And a stamp. And it felt good.

12. I learned that we weren’t meant to be looking at a screen instead of people’s faces. That people deserve better- that my family deserves better-and that I deserve better.

Yes, I am back on Facebook, but I am back with boundaries for myself, because I never again want to lose what I’ve just gained: Freedom.

Thank you, Anna, for allowing me to share this here. To anyone else who may be interested in doing the same, you may find further inspiration and guidance in my book #Hooked: The Pitfalls of Media, Technology and Social Networking.

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