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    New Blog Series at A Place of Hope

    For the past couple of months this blog has been devoted almost exclusively to excerpts from my new book, Every Woman’s Practical Guide to Managing Your Anger. The response to the blog posts, especially on Facebook and Twitter, has been heartwarming. I am hoping for an equally helpful series in the months to come, this time with each day of the week devoted to excerpts from one of my five other books representing a wide range of issues: 

    Monday — Moving Beyond Depression: A Whole-Person Appraoch to Healing

    Tuesday — How to De-Stress Your Life

    Wednesday — Healthy Habits, Happy Kids: A Practical Plan to Help Your Family

    Thursday — Losing Weight Permanently: Secrets from the 2 Percent Club

    Friday — God Can Help You Heal

    “So let’s begin our journey toward healing and ask a loving, merciful God to give us the insight and the wisdom to do the right thing.” ~How to De-Stress Your Life

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