Cleaning Out Your Toxic Dump

February 16, 2015   •  Posted in: 

We all know about the toxic dumps that pose great danger to our personal health and the environment in general. If there’s one near your house, or your child’s school or playground, you will vigorously protest until it is removed. That’s because you know that toxins can slow you down, sap your energy, make you sick, and even kill you. No one in his or her right mind is going to enjoy a stroll in the midst of toxic waste. 

Unfortunately, this is something many of us do each and every day. Much of what has been written in your life script may be toxic—a belief system that remains filled with confusing, toxic material and does nothing but cause you grief. Because your self-image is the foundation of your personality, it is important to determine what is toxic in your life script and then deal with it. 

For example, if you find yourself continually in unfulfilling, unhealthy relationships, there is likely a reason for that being hidden in your life script. If you cannot live your life without controlling others, there is something in your life script that continues to feed that frenzy to be the boss at all costs. If you live terrorized by the three potentially deadly emotions of anger, fear, and guilt, and you assume the worst is always about to happen to you, you can be sure something in your life script continues to program your behavior. You might be abusive to your spouse, colleagues, or children. You might be the one abused. 

Perhaps your toxic waste is your physical body that you abuse day after day with alcohol, drugs, or food. You might be overeating and binging to remedy your emotional discomfort. You might be binging or starving yourself as a way to maintain tight, suffocating control over your own body. These physical addictions may provide temporary relief, but once the relief wears off, you are left unfulfilled and unsatisfied. 

These toxic cycles will continue day after day. One toxic habit leads to another, and before you know it, your life is not something that you cannot recognize. You don’t know where the pattern began, or more importantly, how you can escape. You need to clean out this toxic dump that has become your life, and regain healthy, pure control over your happiness.

The beautiful thing about the human body and spirit is that they are both incredibly resilient. Beneath the layers of anger, despair, and toxicity, there is a bright light that is your true self.

Our team at The Center • A Place of HOPE specializes in uncovering the toxic layers that have accumulated over time, and revealing the person that you are truly meant to be. We specialize in whole person care—in understanding the full dimensions of an individual, and the life script that brought them to where they are today. Each person that comes to The Center • A Place of HOPE is unique, which means that their recovery journey will be equally unique. We are ready to help you on this journey to uncover your true, healthy, happy self. If you are ready to take the first step on this journey, fill out this form or call 1-888-747-5592 to speak with a recovery specialist today.


Dr. Gregory Jantz

Pioneering Whole Person Care over thirty years ago, Dr. Gregory Jantz is an innovator in the treatment of mental health. He is a best-selling author of over 45 books, and a go-to media authority on behavioral health afflictions, appearing on CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and CNN. Dr. Jantz leads a team of world-class, licensed, and...

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