40 Answers for Teens' Top Questions

Teens and pre-teens have questions that parents don't always feel equipped to deal with off the cuff. Between the challenges of rollercoaster emotions and boundary-setting, parents find it difficult to create honest and safe moments necessary for open conversations with their teens. Dr. Gregory Jantz, along with his teen son, designed this book to help you set the stage for communication on essential topics, providing not just answers, but reassurance and encouragement on issues from zits to faith.

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…Talking to Your Parent Doesn’t Have to Be Awkward.

Have you ever wanted to talk to your mom or dad about something, but you weren’t quite sure how to bring it up? You want to get their advice, but you don’t really want a lecture. This book answer 40 questions you are likely to wonder about (and it doesn’t just give a parent’s perspective.)

Dr. Gregory Jantz and his teenage son Gregg Jr. team up to provide fresh insight, practical advice, and “yeah…that’s me” stories that will help you and your parent learn to speak the same language, respect each other’s views, and talk about 40 critical topics, including dating, bullies, zits, peer pressure, and more. Find out how to “get each other” better and learn from one another.

Don’t just want your parent’s opinion? Find out what science, experts, and other teens think about these topics. Then, talk it out with your parents to form your own perspective.

In this book, Dr. Jantz teams up with his son, Gregg Jr., who has been a go-getter since he was little. Starting his own business at 11 and receiving his pilot license as a High School senior, Gregg Jr. adds a fresh, relevant, and engaging perspective.

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