Beyond Burnout

Beyond Burnout features real-life stories and practical strategies for navigating the path to recovery from burnout.


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Life is hectic, stressful, and exhausting. It’s no surprise that millions of people feel depleted and unmotivated. Burnout can even lead to depression, insomnia, anxiety, and addiction. Dr. Gregory Jantz experienced the black hole of burnout when he faced the demands of his quickly growing mental health clinic. His recovery taught him six keys to healing:

  1. Streamline Your Stress
  2. Reclaim Your True Self
  3. Find Sanity through Simplicity
  4. Bolster Your Body
  5. Fortify Your Filters
  6. Choose to Replenish Yourself

Readers will be coached to reset their pace, reclaim their desires, revive their purpose, rediscover the power of fun, and more. With trusted advice from a mental health professional who has been there, this book will resonate with a frazzled generation that is seeking relief.

About the Author Dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Jantz’s center, “A Place of HOPE,” is recognized as a top ten facility in the U.S. for the treatment of depression. Dr. Jantz is a best-selling author of 30 books. He is a go-to media source expert for a range of behavioral-based afflictions, as well as drug and alcohol addictions. Dr. Jantz has appeared on CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and has been interviewed for the New York Post, Associated Press, Family Circle, and Women’s Day. He is also a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today blogs.

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