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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

What does it mean when you talk about a compassionate approach to treating post traumatic stress disorder?

Post traumatic stress disorder can cause fear and anxiety. It makes sense then to approach post traumatic stress disorder treatment from a compassionate place, which is exactly the approach you’ll find at A Place of Hope. If you or a loved one is experiencing post traumatic stress disorder symptoms, we invite you to seek help at our all-inclusive residential treatment facility. We can help you answer the question “what is PTSD,” and will get to the core of your issues to determine why you are exhibiting PTSD symptoms. Our wellness programs incorporate a whole person approach; examining your mind, body and spirit with the guidance of experienced PTSD counseling professionals. We make a point of focusing on the individual, and custom a plan of treatment with this in mind. PTSD treatment at A Place of Hope can literally give you a new lease on life. Call today.

Those who seek treatment for PTSD at our facility will:

  • Find compassion in a safe, confidential and supportive place
  • Get help physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for your whole self
  • Stay for whatever length of time that is best suited for you
  • Talk with people who understand that one experiencing PSTD cannot simply “snap out of it”
  • Express what you’re truly feeling inside, not what you think people want to hear
  • Deal with the dreams and flashbacks that won’t stop haunting you
  • Share your PTSD experiences through individual as well as group counseling
  • Start planning for the next steps in your life without anxiety or fear
  • Reclaim your life in a world where your feelings do matter

Despite how you may feel today, hope is always just a phone call away. PTSD is a condition that is infinitely treatable at A Place of Hope. We’ll answer all your questions about symptoms and treatment prior to your arrival, and offer an environment in which you can focus exclusively on your recovery. We can empathize with what you are going through, and will help you work through your symptoms in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

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Or fill out the quick and easy contact form and a PTSD specialist will contact you soon to answer all of your questions and discuss how a treatment program at The Center may be the right solution for you. Healing is possible through compassionate whole-person care.