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Comprehensive Assessment

A Life-Changing Comprehensive Assessment


Your eating disorder treatment program begins with your Comprehensive Assessment that evaluates your whole-person, including the following areas:

  • Chemical Dependency Assessment
  • Behavior Addictions
  • Complete Mental Health Assessment
  • Vocational & Career Needs
  • Family Functioning & Issues
  • Health of Social Relationships
  • Complete Physical Health & Fitness Assessment
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Body Image Reconstruction and Restoration
  • Fitness Reassessment and Coaching
  • Relapse Prevention Strategies
  • Family Re-Integration Skills
  • Career and Life Purpose Coaching (Career Testing Available)
  • Personal Primary Care and Recovery Manager
  • Transportation to and from Airports and Events
  • Nourishing Meals Designed by a Registered Dietician
  • Pre-care Appointments before Start of Intensive
  • Specialized Art Classes
  • Expressive Class (Music)
  • Weekly Nutrition Education Classes
  • Weekly Food Shopping Classes / Assisted Grocery Shopping
  • Weekly Cooking Classes
  • Mindful Walking Activities
  • Eating Disorder Recovery Classes
  • Body Image and Self-Esteem Classes
  • Special “Living Well” Series
  • Family Program for Loved Ones
  • Complete Spectrum of Natural Health Care
  • Complete Psychological Testing and Assessments
  • Evaluation by Physician
  • Psychological/Social History
  • Eating Disorder Needs Assessment Survey
  • Diagnostic Survey for Eating Disorders
  • Trauma Assessment
  • Complete Mental Health Assessment
  • Additional Testing
  • Complete Physiological Testing and Assessments
  • Assessment and Nutrition Plan by Dietician
  • Medical Exam by Physician
  • Health Appraisal Analysis
  • Complete Medical Exam
  • Medication Reassessment (if you are on medications, such as antidepressants or antianxiety medications, an assessment of effectiveness and new prescriptions may be provided)
  • Bioimpedance (BIA) test to evaluate ongoing dehydration and metabolism (a simple, non-evasive test requiring no blood work or discomfort)
  • Medical Monitoring including multiple daily checks of “vital signs” when needed
  • EKG’s as indicated by medical personnel
  • Various types of G.I. testing (for digestive issues)
  • Various types of female (or male) hormonal profiles
  • Eating Disorder Assessments including food history, diet analysis, nutrient evaluation, dietary guidelines, menu planning, and food selection/planning
  • Fitness Assessment by a Certified Personal Trainer to measure baseline of current physical condition
  • Access to fitness facilities and fitness classes (when exercise type and duration approved by the team leader/physician)
  • Regular sessions with Eating Disorder Body Image Specialist and Certified Fitness Trainer
  • Nutritional Guidance with Dietician
  • Personal involvement, direction, program management, oversight, and supervision by registered dietician
  • Initial Supply of Metabolic Recovery
  • Daily Journal for Assignments
  • Weekly fitness reassessment and coaching, when appropriate
  • Supportive Eating Program

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