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Addiction to the internet, gaming devices and pornography can sap you of meaningful engagement and damage relationships. We are highly experienced at treating all form of digital addiction, and ready to help you now.

Digital Addiction Treatment at The Center

4 minutes

Internet & Digital Addiction Doesn’t Define You

Addiction to technology is a relatively new phenomenon, but it is one of the fastest growing addictions we have ever seen.

Do you get anxious if you don’t have your mobile device in your hand? Do you or does your child play games on their device or computer for hours on end? Do you have a tablet, smartphone, smart television, an iPod, a car with wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS? Do you have social accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other networks?

Digital saturation can clog the mind and rob us of our inner voice, and our sense of self. But internet and digital addiction is very treatable. 

Signs of Being Addicted to the Internet and Devices

Technology can be very helpful in providing information, efficiencies, and providing enjoyment. But overuse and addiction to technology can cause serious issues to your relationships, your job and your health.

You might feel that you can “quit anytime,” but the truth is the “rush” you experience from technology produces the same chemical reaction in your brain that stimulants like heroin produce. Dopamine, the pleasure chemical, is released when we have a pleasurable experience, and the body begins to crave that sensation.

If we cause that release in excess over time – via prolonged heroin use, or prolonged technology use – our body becomes conditioned to that and will reduce its natural production of dopamine because it is being substituted by the unnatural production stimulated by the external sources.

Over time, you become addicted to the sensation that only the input can provide. For a drug addict, it can be heroin. For the digital addict, it can be the perceived need to interact with their digital devices gaming, texting or chatting on their social networks, or surfing pornography.

Personal relationships suffer as you withdrawal from normal and healthy engagement with friends and family. Professional relationships suffer as work is often degraded because of distraction from digital devices, or fatigue from a lack of sleep while spending inordinate amounts of time online.

While digital addiction is often not the primary cause for seeking treatment, The Center sees it more and more as a strong secondary, co-occurring or dual diagnosed issue. Its addictive hold can be powerful, and treatment is required to help restore balance and happiness.

Digital Addiction Won't Just "Go Away"

Your recovery program for internet and digital addiction at The Center •  A Place of HOPE is created exclusively for you. You are assigned a team and professional addiction experts who have years of experience treating gaming addiction, pornography addiction, internet addiction, and more. You receive:

  • Complete medical and nutritional testing and assessments:
    • Fitness assessment by a certified fitness trainer
    • Complete medical workup and exam
    • Complete nutrition/dietary assessment and menu planning by a registered dietician
  • Healthy, nutritious weekday meals (organic, nutritional emphasis)
  • Complete psychological testing and assessments
  • Relaxation and fitness therapy
  • Spiritual renewal and growth therapy, if desired
  • One-on-one and sessions with licensed specialists
  • Group sessions led by licensed specialists

“I came to The Center because my addiction to gaming and pornography was out of control. I would plan my day around being online. I lost my job because of it. I lost my girlfriend because of it. All the while, I was lying to myself, convincing myself that I had it under control. Finally my mom explained to me the damage being done to our family and to my future. For once, I listened to her, and I called The Center. After four weeks, I must say I feel like a new person. I feel in control and realize how silly it was to spend all my waking hours online. I have more perspective, balance and I’m truly happy. I never thought I could feel this way. Thank you so much” – Darrin, 24 

Call us today at 888.771.5166 to learn more about our internet and digital addiction treatment program.

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When you arrive at The Center • A Place of HOPE, you are met by a caring member of your team and introduced to your modern condominium-style apartment, complete with a new kitchen, a large living room, and comfortable, warm bedrooms. Most condominiums have decks and patios.

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