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    Gotta Have It! 30-Day Book Giveaway

    Over the next 30 days, I will be giving away free copies of my new book, Gotta Have It!  If you are interested, simply comment on any one of my blog posts about the book – 1) in the comments section of the post, 2) on Twitter or 3) on Facebook.

    Gotta Have It! examines a phenomenon that I call “excessity” — when our excesses become necessities. Excessities are our reward, our coping mechanism, and the illusory answer to pain. We feel we need their pleasure to insulate us from a difficult world. Yet the more we starve what we really need — such as purpose, hope, and security — the greater our hunger grows for what will never satisfy.

    In Gotta Have It! you are invited to discover the truth that is hiding behind your secret desires. With real life stories and sections on self-reflection, Gotta Have It! will help you see your life as never before — and delight in the ways God is longing to fulfill your true needs.

    The book touches on:

    The Excessity of Food

    The Excessity of Alcohol

    The Excessity of Caffeine

    The Excessity of Electronics

    The Excessity of Work

    The Excessity of Shopping

    The Excessity of Tobacco and Pharmaceuticals

    The Excessity of Exercise

    The Excessity of Gambling

    The Excessity of Sex

    The Excessity of Relationships

    The Excessity of Money

    The Excessity of Anger

    The Excessity of Guilt

    Again, if you would like a free copy of Gotta Have It! simply comment on any one of my blog posts about the book – 1) in the comments section of the post, 2) on Twitter or 3) on Facebook.

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    1. We got your book yesterday! Great timing, too! My daughter just finished her summer college classes and has time to read, “for fun” starting today!!! (And, yes, I will be reading it along with her.) Thank you for your generosity. God Bless you!

      Sincerely, Susie

    2. I was challenged to look into the “whys” of my excesses more closely with the Chapter 3 exerpt… and to remember to replace my comfort from these things with the comfort of God’s promised presense… thank you.

    3. Susie, so glad you got the book. Please enjoy and let me know what you think! Renee, I love hearing that these excerpts from the book are helpful. I would love to send you a copy — I will email you privately to get your address and mail one out to you right away!


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