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For Alumni Only: "I'm interested in returning to The Center"

Alumni Treatment Programs at The Center • A Place of HOPE

Our Alumni Admissions Team is here to help You

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The Alumni Admissions team at The Center • A Place of HOPE is committed to making your return as stress-free as possible. You know The Center, and that we want you to receive the best care possible. Thank you for your continued trust in us. Our world-class team is ready to care for you from the moment you arrive. As an alumni of The Center, we truly value your relationship and are prepared to strengthen your mind, body and soul again.

To discuss what your alumni treatment plan cal look like, please call 1-888-771-5166 / 425-771-5166 now and mention you are an alumni. You will be directed to an Alumni Admissions specialist who will be very happy to help you.


Shall We Get Started?


Please fill out the Alumni Information form below to the best of your ability. Most likely you are inquiring about yourself, but we do offer a “Relationship To The Patient” dropdown menu in case you are inquiring about a family member.


Our Alumni Admissions form has been divided into 3 easy-to-use sections. Please fill out the following three sections to the best of your ability:

  • Contact Information
  • Patient Information
  • Patient History

The more information you are able to complete, the better our Intensive Care Specialists will be able to help you. Thank you and we will be in touch with you shortly to review your information.

Your email address will be held confidential – we will not give or sell your information to any third party.

Select all that apply by holding control or command while selecting.

If you’d like to use insurance for our treatment please select the Insurance you are using. You can choose ‘No Insurance’ if applicable Unfortunately, we are not allowed to accept Mecaid or Medicare

If you have selected other for Insurance please specify here


Client Testimonials

Read how we have helped so many people reclaim, restore and reconnect to a healthy life. Changing Lives for GOOD!


In addition to working with most insurance carriers we have other financing options available. We are able to assist most people to get the care they need. There are payment options available and we will work with you. Call us today at 1-888-771-5166 / 425-771-5166 to speak with a financial specialist who can help find the right solution for you.