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Eating Disorder FAQ's

Do you help teens at your eating disorder clinics?

Yes, our eating disorder treatment center helps teens every day struggling with eating disorders. If you are a teen struggling with an eating disorder, or you know a teen who is struggling, we invite yours to find hope at our word-recognized eating disorder recovery center. Visitors to The Center • A Place of HOPE’s eating disorder treatment center include those seeking anorexia and bulimia help, treatment to overcome overeating. Patients seeking help for teen eating disorders are very common at our eating disorder clinic. If a young person in your life needs help, there’s room at he Center • A Place of HOPE.

Let change take place at The Center • A Place of HOPE’s eating disorder clinic. Our recovery center offers:

  • Help for bulimia
  • Anorexia treatment
  • Help to overcome overeating
  • Help in overcoming teen eating disorders

Patients at our bulimia clinic and anorexia clinic are treated with an approach focusing on:

  • Medical health
  • Physical health
  • Psychological health
  • Emotional health
  • Nutritional well-being
  • Fitness
  • Spiritual health

Eating issues don’t have to ruin your life. Find your new beginning at he Center • A Place of HOPE.

Both male and female teens are welcome at our eating disorder clinic. Part anorexia clinic, part bulimia clinic and part place to overcome overeating, we’ve spent over 30 years in the pursuit of bringing healing to those who need it most.

Since 1984, our eating disorder clinics have helped thousands of people, including teens. We tailors treatment to your specific needs through focused,  whole-person care.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, call The Center • A Place of HOPE today at 1-888-771-5166 / 425-771-5166 to speak to a licensed eating disorder specialist. It is a free, confidential call.

Free Initial Consultation

We encourage you to visit with our team of professionals regarding the eating disorder treatment services you need. You may reach us by filling out this form or by calling 1-888-771-5166 / 425-771-5166. Financing is available.