Battles Men Face

Are you trapped by compulsive behaviors? Jantz reveals how to stop doing the thing you hate and take control of your choices and actions! Exposing the temptations that ensnare good men, he helps you overcome addiction to pornography, gambling, anger, and other unhealthy patterns; love yourself enough to say no; build on the positive; and more.


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Ever feel like you’re not in control of your thoughts? Your actions? Like you’re trapped in compulsions and behaviors that are destroying you from within? Things like:

  • Pornography
  • Emotional Withdrawal
  • Deception
  • Sex
  • Work
  • Competition
  • Anger
  • Escape
  • Consumption

In Battles Men Face, Dr. Jantz exposes the temptations that can entrap good men and gives practical steps to take to overcome unhealthy patterns. He shows you how to accept who you are (and who you’re not), say no, focus and build on the positive, and, perhaps most difficult, ask for and accept help.

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October 20, 2014

Loved this book by Dr. Jantz. It helped me work out many issues and I can't recommend it enough.