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Canadian Health and Wellness Program

At The Center • A Place of HOPE

For Canadians Who Seek Lasting Treatment


The Center, A Place of Hope in Edmonds, Washington, just minutes north of Seattle, specializes in the treatment of Canadians who are suffering from depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other challenges. The Center is a short train ride from Vancouver.

Recently recognized among the top 10 facilities in the U.S. for the treatment of depression, The Center has a rich history of successfully treating Canadians from across the country. For over twenty years, Canadians from Vancouver to St. Johns have come to The Center to receive compassionate, world-class treatment for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
  • Eating Disorders
  • Addictions
  • Abuse
  • Many other specialties

What makes The Center • A Place of HOPE unique for Canadians who seek lasting treatment for themselves or loved ones?

1. Whole Person Care. Too often, treatment facilities only treat a disorder with a singular-cause focus. The result is a quick relapse or, even worse, a deepening of an issue because the foundational, underlying causes of the disorder remain untreated.

The Center specializes in whole-person treatment. Each person’s life situation is unique. At The Center, we work closely with you or your loved one to discover the root causes of issues that may stem from childhood trauma, relationships, physical or mental abuse, financial stress, identity confusion, and other areas. We then develop a comprehensive program that works through each of the contributing areas to ensure the entire person is treated successfully.

2. Team Approach, World-Class Experts. The Center maintains a staff of 40 specialists trained for your care. Medical doctors, licensed counselors, psychologists, nutritionist and dieticians, fitness consultants and ordained spiritual guides all work together to provide you world-class the treatment you want and need.

When you or a loved one arrive at The Center, you have a dedicated team assigned just to you. Together, your team focuses on The Center’s acclaimed “mind, body, spirit” approach to provide you with the lasting care you need.

The average tenure of The Center’s professional team is over ten years.

3. Immediate Care. One of the features of The Center, A Place of Hope is that there is never a waiting list. We understand the need to often begin treatment as quickly as possible. The Center frequently can begin care within days. If there is an immediate need, The Center does its best to make arrangements to provide housing and care as soon as possible.

4. Beautiful Environment, Condominium Living. The Center, A Place of Hope is a residential treatment facility in beautiful Edmonds, Washington, two hours south of Vancouver and minutes north of Seattle on the Puget Sound. The quaint town has a village feel with small shops, restaurants and artisans. The Sound is a few hundred meters away.

The Center was designed as a warm, inviting and caring facility. It is not a hospital-like environment. Rather, it is a campus-style setting with four residential condominiums that provide you with an apartment-style living – beautiful kitchens, common living spaces and private rooms.

The treatment facility is warm, inviting, and soothing. A mix of soft music gently fills the common rooms, beautiful pictures of nature from the local area adorn the walls, and a friendly, caring and compassionate staff welcome you each day to provide lasting care.

5. Experience Working With Canadians, Knowledge of the Canadian Healthcare System. For over 20 years, Canadians from across the country have traveled to Edmonds, Washington to receive the lasting, whole-person care that The Center provides.

When you arrive in Edmonds, you can have confidence that your team has worked with and treated many Canadians. When it comes to your personal care or that of a loved one, that kind of familiarity and understanding is important.

6. Faith-based Care For Those Seeking Spiritual care and balance. The Center, A Place of Hope provides outstanding, ordained pastoral counseling, teaching and care for those individuals who indicate a desire to include a faith-based and Christian influence or emphasis in their treatment. As part of the whole person approach to healing, The Center incorporates several highly trained and compassionate clergy and lay ministers to ensure true, whole person healing and treatment.

Free Initial Consultation

We encourage you to visit with our team of professionals about the treatment services you need. You may reach us by filling out this form or by calling 1-888-771-5166 / 425-771-5166. Financing is available.

A Message From Dr. Gregg Jantz,

Founder of The Center • A Place of Hope.

If you reside in Canada and feel that you or a loved one may need treatment for a personal issue of depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, addiction, or other areas, please fill out the form on this page. We will contact you for a free consultation.

You are also always invited to call us directly anytime at 1.425.771.5166.

If you need help, please know we are here and want to provide you with the care you need. With over 20 years of successfully working with fellow Canadians, we understand what you are experiencing and we want to help you – through our whole-person approach to treatment – get back to being the person you want to be.

I look forward to having our staff answering any questions you might have and, if we are the right place for you, welcoming you upon your arrival.

Blessings and Hope.