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Marriage Intensive at The Center

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Marriage Intensive at The Center

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What is a Marriage Intensive?

The Marriage Intensive is a focused period of therapy and counseling over 3-14 days where you and your spouse work with our award-winning licensed team of counseling professionals to help you both – individually and as a couple – get to the root causes of your challenges.

We go well beyond the office visit. Each day involves multiple sessions of conversations, exercises, journaling and reflection, and even includes nutrition, sleep, and fitness work. The environment is serene and beautiful – ideal for healing and renewal.

Every one of our licensed therapists is specifically trained in marriage counseling with years of success is restoring relationships to a healthy and hopeful place.

I frankly was not expecting anything to change. What an incredible and amazing surprise to experience the quantum shift in my marriage in just a week. We had been to over 100 counseling sessions prior to coming to The Center. In 6 days, we grew, and healed, and loved again, and progressed more than we had in the previous two years. We are beyond grateful.”

How Does This Differ From Marriage Counseling at Home?

You may have tried weekly marriage counseling for months. But the infrequency and start-stop rhythm of the 50-minute sessions can make it challenging to get to root issues. Even if the issues are uncovered, working through them to a place of healing and balance is difficult in a 50-minute period.

For each session, you lay it all out to the counselor, including what has transpired in the past week, then go home and instead of working together on your issues, often experience more conflict. And then you do it over and over again.

Your Marriage Intensive at The Center • A Place of HOPE allows you the opportunity to unpack, relax, get settled for many days of uninterrupted time, and truly work on and resolve your issues. It is the best way to make progress and heal.  In just a handful of days, you will receive the equivalent on a year’s worth of counseling, and in an environment where you can actually feel and see progress unfolding in front of you. 

Your all-inclusive program covers private lodging in beautiful Edmonds, Washington, meals, all therapy session, and access to state-of-the-art fitness facilities.  The ability for you to be free from all distractions is an essential part of the path to healing and renewal. We take care of everything so you can focus on your most important relationship.

Changing Lives for Good

The Center’s Marriage Intensive works through each of these issues with you both:

  • Intimacy and sexual issues. Sex matters. If this has become an issue, we can help you overcome these challenges and find renewal of intimacy.
  • Communication challenges. Poor communication can have a compounding effect on a marriage. We can help reopen healthy conversations.
  • Infidelity. It can be very challenging to regain trust. But if there is a desire to heal, we can help repair and rejuvenate relationships.
  • Career conflicts. Resentment and entitlement can be silent cancers in a relationship. We help rebalance views and expectations regarding careers.
  • Different life stages. We all change over time. As partners, you need to understand, accept, and embrace natural changes individually and as a couple.
  • Boredom. The trap of becoming too comfortable, not making the little extra efforts, and going beyond can dull a relationship. We help you get it back.
  • Financial strains. Finances can put unbelievable strain on a marriage. We help get the issues on the table, work through them, and find a good balance to help move beyond them.
  • Strengthening blended families. Adding different children, and working with ex-spouses can be a lot. Left unresolved, it can spoil an otherwise promising marriage. We can help.
  • Disrespecting boundaries. Becoming too comfortable with our words and actions can risk robbing the specialness of a marriage. We help restore it.
  • Children. Kids can be challenging, and they can consume a marriage. Stress, becoming inattentive, and having less quality time together can rob a marriage of life blood. We help you get it back.

You and your spouse are likely experiencing a significant amount of stress – and even distress. You may have even started the divorce process. It can feel hopeless and extremely painful.

That is why we created the Marriage Intensive.

Over 30 years of treating distressed marriages, we have heard and seen it all. You are not alone, and there is hope and possibility. We know how to help you.

A Personal Note from Dr. Jantz

Many couples find themselves struggling with communication, infidelity, financial and career issues, raising a blended family, and more. Those struggles do not define you as a couple, and there is always hope for a balanced, healthy, and happy future together.

At The Center, we are passionate about our work, and compassionate about those who seek help with us. It is a sacred trust to put faith in our treatment team, and in the Marriage Intensive program, we stay with every couple each step of the way toward healing and recovery.

If you, or someone you love, is struggling with these issues, we are here to help.

With HOPE,

Dr. Gregory Jantz

Dr. Gregory Jantz

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