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What Makes You Happy? 30-Day Book Giveaway

A song, a sound, a movie, a book, a scent, a flower, a city,  a hobby, a taste, a touch, a word. 

These are the sources of happiness I’m asking you to share over the next 30 days.  Well, not so much the source of happiness; more like the inspiraton — experiences that bring you closer to feeling good right here, right now. 

When you share, I’ll send you a free copy of my book, Happy for the Rest of Your Life. Answer every question I ask over the next 30 days, and that’s how many copies I’ll send to your family and friends.

Today’s question: What sound makes you happy, and why?


This culture has appointed a spokesperson, a go-to person for those seeking to find happiness.

That person’s name is Media.

Media is so prevalent in this culture, its messages about happiness and where and how to find it are everywhere. Media’s message permeates the culture. So, if the information is so prevalent, why is happiness so elusive?

Because Media’s intent is not for you to find happiness. Media’s intent is for you to keep looking.

Just as the ad pitches on late-night television, Media has no problem touting any number of surefire, guaranteed roads to happiness. Once this (you fill in the blank) has been obtained, happiness, you’re told, is sure to follow. Each of these things, like street directions, is intended to guide you in the general vicinity of happiness. The rest, of course, is left up to you.

In my book, Happy for the Rest of Your Life, I’ve written a road map of sorts. Combining the wisdom of the Bible with my own personal examples, I hope to elighten, encourage and motivate you toward happines, revealing:

  • Our misconceptions about what happiness is and where to find it
  • Dead ends on the road to happiness and how to avoid them
  • Why God is really the author of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

For the next several weeks, I’ll be blogging excerpts from this book. If you’d like to follow along, simply subscribe to this blog. However, I would love to send you free copy of the book so you can read it in its entirety. Simply answer today’s question in the comments below:

What sound makes you happy, and why?


  1. MChildren laughing that sound always makes me think of time when life was simple. Children atleast the ones in my family are not hard to make happy and are always so loving and joyful. My family loves children even if they aren’t our many of my family members work with kids in a school setting or babysit and the average number of siblings in my family is 3 and my mother has six siblings and I have 17 cousins half have started families. We all look forward the the weekends when my aunt takes her 3 grand kids 3,2,1 lol and my aunts are well known for having to “steal” every new baby in church during service to give moms a break. Happy children are a great source of happieness for me.

  2. Knowing that this world is only temporary and that I’ll be spending eternity with my creator learning and growing.

  3. Thank you both so much for sharing! I will email you to get your mailing addresses. Blessings 🙂


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