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Vanessa, 31 – Female

I just want to thank EVERYONE at The Center for an amazing, LIFE CHANGING experience. I was at a point in my life where I realized I was powerless over my addiction to alcohol. The more time I spent here, I discovered that I had much more deeply rooted issues that I had never even acknowledged. As I began to painfully peel back these layers, the more I discovered about myself. And the more I learned about me, I happily realized that I liked what I was finding.

SO not only was I able to learn healthy ways of coping with pain, instead of alcohol, I learned healthy ways of coping with LIFE in general. Through being incredibly vulnerable and honest (with myself and everyone else here), I gained confidence that I so desperately desired throughout my whole life. I refreshed and renewed my faith in and walk with God, and feel much more confident about facing the daily challenges that life throws us. SO thank you again. I am forever beyond grateful.

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  1. it’s nice to see the people with similar struggles have achieved great things keep up the beautiful work and stay strong


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