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Valerie, 45 – Female. January 2017

I called on a Sunday and admissions happened to pick up the phone. I was very emotional but the gentleman on the phone completely put me at ease. He asked enough questions to help me to feel understood an heard then explained the process in a way that was calming and encouraging. I felt very safe at a moment in my life that I was very unsure. I came in the next day and yet another admissions team member was amazing as well. She was caring and sympathetic. She is definitely represents The Center perfectly. Again, I felt safe.

I truly would not be here if even one slight thing felt off. For me, the timing was exactly what I needed. I can’t think of any way that I would have felt more confident in my experience.I needed some distance from the chaos of my life to get perspective and direction. I have known for a long time the things that I needed to do for myself and my family but could not find a peaceful place in my soul to even think straight. My goal was to reframe my life and find myself in the mess. I wasn’t sure what that meant.

My experience with my treatment team was very cohesive. I felt that each member was informed and a part of my assessment and goals of care. In my professional life, I am responsible for pulling information across multiple disciplines and levels of care and it sometimes feels impossible to create a comprehensive plan of care. Here, I felt that I was gently moved through a team of providers who were qualified to contribute their individual perspective and they came up with a pretty clear picture of what I needed. When the plan of care was presented to me it was completely on target.

My medical team was able to provide me with the medical support that I needed both physically and emotionally. I know how rare that is. I felt in charge of my healthcare decisions with the support I needed.

I only had one Faith group but I was so moved by France’s delivery and inspiration. I walked out of the class and realized that, though I was raised Catholic and religion was a big part of my life, I finally truly understood what faith meant.

I think my appreciation comes across pretty clearly in my previous comments but I will re-iterate how impressed I have been. Some words to describe, safe, supported, informed, guided, stabilized, connection. Thank you



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