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Valerie, 41 – Female

I came to The Center to fine “ME” again. I needed to figure out what put me in the place I was within myself. I was depressed, anxious, dealing with relationship issues, grief and loss. My treatment team was amazing. I can’t begin to thank them enough for how wonderful they were, helping me connect to myself and the guidance they have given me.

Each person I had the pleasure of working with helped me in different ways. They helped me become more self-aware and I’m grateful. DBT Therapy was enlightening and so helpful, I gained so much awareness into my feelings and why, how to process and let go of them. The skills I have learned are key for me towards my brighter future. I have learned what it is to fail at something but still gain self respect for myself in noticing it and changing the behavior that followed my emotion. My team taught me self-respect and that I deserved it.

I feel well prepared for going back into my life. The Center • A Place of HOPE is like my north star guiding me when I was lost. I will never forget my experience. Thank you for showing me I had the power to change my life and that it was inside of me all along. You are all my angels.

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