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Kenneth, 40 – Male. January 2018

I came to The Center because I needed help. Depression, trauma, and professional burnout was kicking my butt. I figured out real quick that i needed to make Jesus my primary source of insight and healing then everything else fell into place rather i had good days or bad.

First, the calls with the admissions team were perfect, very welcoming and kind. They made me feel a bit more comfortable. I called at the last minute and they were able to work me into the schedule, I was pleased.

My medical team was very knowledgeable, caring and understanding. I had been taking meds for years, and I finally believe they are in order. The medical staff helped me accomplish my goal of getting off Adderall. Yesssss!!!!!

My treatment team was absolutely amazing. It was at the very end that everything really clicked. I am grateful for each ones dedication and willing to share their own struggles. They also knew how to tell people to shut up in the nicest way:) Just kidding it was more like let stay focus and keep it going. I also love the layout of the program. The ability to have a request through leaving a note and be heard was a plus. Flexible and not so ridged.

For anyone considering The Center, I give my highest recommendation. You guys are great. I believe Jesus would be pleased, I know i am

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