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Receive Happy for the Rest of Your Life, How to De-Stress Your Life and Hope, Help, & Healing For Eating Disorders-A New Approach to Treating Anorexia, Bulimia, and Overeating.


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Dr. Gregory L. Jantz PhD with Ann McMurray

Finally… the Secret to True Happiness
Whoever said happiness was a pursuit wasn’t kidding. We search high and low, spend money we may or may not have, engage in all kinds of behaviors for good and ill, and still come up short in the happiness department. Happiness becomes a destination we’re supposed to reach, but we never seem to get there. If happiness is a destination, who has the directions?

In Happy for the Rest of Your Life, Dr. Gregory Jantz provides the road map. Combining the wisdom of the Bible with his own personal examples, he enlightens, encourages, and motivates you toward happiness as he explains:

  • Our misconceptions about what happiness is and where to find it
  • The debilitating effects of depression and anxiety
  • Dead ends on the road to happiness and how to avoid them
  • Why God is really the author of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”
  • How to make Optimism, Hope and Joy on a Road Trip to Happiness

On the road to happiness, many people just wander through their lives and figure they’ll run into it somewhere, someday. In fact, they’re not even sure what they’re looking for. Fortunately, there is a source of correct directions written by someone who knows what true happiness is and where it’s found. It is time to find true happiness in your life that isn’t based on past, present, or future circumstances or experiences.

About the Author Gregory L. Jantz, PhD,
is the founder of The Center and is known internationally for whole-person care. He is author of over twenty books. Dr. Jantz brings his whole-person vision of hope to audiences around the country through speaking, seminars, conferences, radio, and television.

How to De-Stress Your Life is a book on the topics of stress, burn out, emotional exhaustion, and depression. Dr. Jantz shares insights and lessons he has learned personally after being a counselor for over 24 years. Anyone who has ever experienced physical or emotional fatigue as a result of our frantic modern world will welcome this practical and hopeful book. Dr. Gregory L. Jantz shows readers how to change the debilitating patterns of the past, leaving the road clear for a healthy and revitalized future. How to De-Stress Your Life is filled with exercises, checklists, and potential situations designed to guide readers into a probing self-examination to pave the way to renewed physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Discover the freedom to rise above chronic stress We live in a fast-paced world that can take its toll on mind, body, and spirit. Jantz reveals eight secrets for finding all the energy you’ll ever need, ways to eliminate self-defeating attitudes, and more. Life may not slow down, but with the helpful advice in this book you can take control of your own responses to this crazy world and live a life of serenity.

Hope, Help, & Healing For Eating Disorders-A New Approach to Treating Anorexia, Bulimia, and Overeating
by Dr. Gregory L. Jantz.

Dr. Jantz has developed a program that treats the emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual aspects of eating problems. This approach can be used by those with food disorders and their families and friends. Each chapter contains questions and activities to lead readers through progressive steps to healing.

  • Discover 5 often-overlooked nutritional keys to recovery
  • Find out how to let go of anger, fear, and guilt
  • Obtain tools for creating a binge-free life
  • Learn how not to be a victim of others
  • Understand the role of emotional and verbal abuse
  • Learn about 7 keys to help you create healthy relationships
  • Deal successfully with the opposite sex

This book discusses a New Approach to treating those that suffer with eating disorders. Anybody that is suffering from an eating disorder needs to have unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness. They also need to learn how to forgive themselves, and forgive others that may have abused or harmed them. We do not believe force will change those suffering from eating disorders. Force does not work. It can drive the eating disorder deeper and deeper.

Instead of force, we at The Center, provide an atmosphere of acceptance where change can take place. We look beyond the eating disorder and reach into the person’s heart and see them as a person who needs love and acceptance. “Hope, Help, & Healing” was written with this philosophy.

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