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Shawna, 30 – Female. September 2016

My experience with the admissions team was superb. They were all very helpful in guiding me through everything, and extremely supportive and welcoming. They were very understanding of my needs and unique situation, and did everything they could to ease my stresses around the process.

The medical team was amazing. I didn’t realize how much my physical health suffered, and how much of that was in part to what I was struggling with….I didn’t realize that my mind and body were so connected. They taught me this, and helped me adjust little things in my health, that made BIG differences in my everyday life.

Also, the group aspects were a huge benefit to me. It was away to connect with others who might know and might have experiences similar to mine in the trenches of mental health. I felt like I wasn’t alone anymore, and I felt accepted, loved, supported…and I always gained a vast amount of insight, and learning from my peers.

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