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Sandra’s Story of Victory

At The Center, I’m privileged to know some pretty amazing people – from the team of professionals I work with, to the courageous individuals who come here for hope, help and healing. This month, I’d like to introduce you to Sandra and encourage you to listen to her story. It is a story of hope, perseverance and victory.

Sandra spent almost 45 years of her life thinking about food every minute of every day. Forty-five years is a very long time to live with an eating disorder. As she said, “it took over my life.” The eating disorder told her she didn’t have a right to live and enjoy life. She came to believe, “I not only make mistakes; I am a mistake.” Sandra spiraled down into a life consumed by the disorder, depression and addictions. At a pivotal point, however, she got a copy of my book, Hope, Help and Healing for Eating Disorders. Sandra read the book and it changed her life. She ventured to The Center, to find the life and hope she had lost. Here, she found purpose in place of despair. She discovered there was “hope going forward” and “life beyond addiction.”

Sandra’s story is inspiring, uplifting and honest. As powerful as it is to read about, you can do even more. I encourage you to go to my website at aplaceofhope.com and view stories of victory and hope for yourself. Here are two that are inspirational. I promise you, these videos will give you hope, too.


The principle we live and work by at The Center is, “helping people change their lives for good.” By coming to The Center, Sandra took the steps she needed to change her life for good, to rediscover hope, health and purpose. Sandra has made her story and her life available to you, so you can make the same choice.

Don’t give up hope. It’s never too late to make a decision for life!

Placing Your Trust in A Place of Hope

How far would you go to reclaim hope, help and healing in your life?  Would you go across the street?  Up the block?  Across town?  Many people who come to The Center travel across the country, some even across the globe.  Why would they come here?  Because they recognize us as A Place of Hope in their lives. Offering a comprehensive, whole-person model, we take into account the individual nature of each person and tailor a treatment plan to address their concerns.  We recognize and work with people as individuals, not as treatment categories.  Each person who comes here is greeted and treated as a precious, unique person with gifts, talents and a future to be discovered, celebrated and set free.

Sandra came to The Center for help with her eating disorder and depression.  Others have come for help in overcoming the effects of addictions, trauma, anxiety and abuse.  They’ve come to rebuild fractured relationships, to mend spiritually, to recover emotionally and recoup physically.  They’ve come to claim sobriety and to find peace in their lives.  They’ve come to be understood, to be accepted, to be strengthened, to be empowered.

Coming to The Center means giving yourself the gift of time.

  • Time to focus on your recovery.
  •  Time to put aside distractions and rediscover who you are. 
  • Time to reach out to caring professionals who can guide you toward understanding, freedom and health. 
  • Time to stop the destructive behaviors and learn to value yourself as a person.
  • Time to grieve and heal and learn how to move beyond.
  • Time to say, “Today is the day I turn my life around for good.”

Sandra read one of my books and recognized the value to her life.  She came to The Center to claim that value and to reclaim her life.  I urge you so very much to do the same.  If you need time, read one of my books as your first step.  It’s not hard to order my books through the website.  Here is a link to a book I wrote, “Hope, Help & Healing For Eating Disorders” which has helped many people and includes these important topics:

  • Five often-overlooked nutritional keys to recovery
  • How to let go of anger, fear, and guilt
  • Tools for creating a binge-free life
  • How not to be a victim of others
  • The role of emotional and verbal abuse in eating disorders
  • Seven keys to creating healthy relationships


You can also call and speak to Pam, in our product department.  Pam is a real person, who has put her energy and heart into The Center and those who come here for years.  She’ll be happy to process your order– and she’ll be happy to place a CD of Sandra’s story into your order, for you to have at home or to share with someone you care about.

If you have questions about our recovery programs, I urge you to contact The Center today at 888-771-5166 or you can email us at info@aplaceofhope.com.  Every person who contacts us is responded to quickly because your situation and your questions deserve our immediate attention.  We care about you and want to help you make that decision for life.

It’s never too late to make a decision for life, for you or someone you love.

Our mission is to help people change their lives for good.  It’s our mission, our purpose and our pledge to you.

Please, go to our website at aplaceofhope.com.  Watch and listen to Sandra’s story.  Our hope is her story of victory will become yours.

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  1. Wow! I was impressed with “Sandra’s Story of Victory”. Makes me think about a friend of mine whom I wish I could get into your program. She’s 48 years old, and has been doing drugs since she was 14 years old. Currently, she claims to be a Christian, but struggles with a number of addictions, including alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes. She has a lot of denial about the problem.


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