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Thomas, 21 – Male. August 2015

I was having suicidal thoughts and actions. I needed a place where I could go and be cared for on all sides; nutrition, sleep, self-care, meds, therapy, etc.

All members of the Admissions team that I spoke to were kind and supportive. They made me feel welcome and believe that there was hope for me here at the center. The first day that I was here I was terrified. But the staff were wonderful and made me feel very welcome. Also all the other clients were very welcoming which I believe comes from reflection of how they were treated, which gave me immense confidence.

My primary team member helped me very much in finding out some of my root concerns as well as gave me some of the most useful skills I have learned here (self compassion and growth mindset). My secondary team member was able to approach me in a way that allowed me to admit that I have an addiction, which was something I honestly did not believe I would accept upon coming here. I wish both of them could be part of my aftercare plan! I also found DBT to be absolutely amazing.

The medical team was amazing and helped me to figure out any health concerns that I had. This program has been beyond wonderful.

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