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Pollie, 47 – Female

My experience at The Center • A Place of HOPE was amazing. I felt very comfortable with the Admissions team prior to coming to The Center. I was treated with compassion and and understanding heart. He prayed with me and made me feel like I was coming to a very safe and loving atmosphere. He helped me to feel less broken and hopeless before I even arrived.

My primary goals in coming to The Center were to get a handle on my addictions and support in identifying what the root causes were for my depression/anxiety and learn the tools to manage it. I also wanted support with how to heal from sexual abuse. I LOVED MY TREATMENT TEAM!!!! I felt very supported, listen to and validated. I felt that I was cared for in a way that was very individualized to my needs. I was cared for and had direction in what was best for me even including the team making the best decisions for boundaries with my family.

My Medical Team was wonderful and I felt very cared for. The team played a very caring role in my medical, mental and nutritional aspects of my recovery.  Being able to have 1 on 1’s counseling for my addictions was really helpful in my processing what was going on. My counselor understood where I was coming from helped me so much. The homework and journaling assignments in were very important in my treatment process and the DBT therapy was very eye opening.

I just want to say THANK YOU FOR HELPING CHANGE MY LIFE! I left The Center a different person than when I came. I came here so broken and hopeless…and now I’m leaving with the confidence that I have received the tools that will keep me walking in a direction of health…mentally, spiritually and emotionally. You have given such a wonderful “all around balance” to the areas of one’s life that is so needed! I have such great tools to overcome obstacles. I’ve learned how to deal with Life on Life’s terms, instead of running and avoiding life’s problems by”numbing myself” I can face them and deal with them in a healthy way. Thank you everyone at The Center for making such a big impact on my life.

I’ll never be the same. I will certainly let people know of the wonderful love and care I received her. Bless you all for giving to such people in need of HOPE