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Goodbye Crutches: Permanent Weight Loss Action Plan

You’ve weathered some great turbulence with diets that haven’t worked. You’ve perhaps exhibited some extreme behavior for which you are not proud. But that is all in the past. None of that matters now because you are on an exciting new pilgrimage of courage and hope.

God has preserved your for a reason: to grow you into the loving, caring person he designed you to be. Your body has proven to be resilient. This means you can go back and recapture the health and vitality you once enjoyed.  You can be among the 2 percent of people who lose weight permanently, and this great venture can start today by following action plans.

Action Plan: Say Goodbye to Your Crutches

1) You no longer need to weigh yourself because weight is no longer an issues. Ask yourself: Do I want to weigh a certain amount, or do I want to feel good about myself and my life? Here’s what I want you to do. Put your bathroom scale in a closet or in the attic where you can get to it if necessary. But try to avoid using it. It’s a crutch.

2) If you have unopened, packaged diet food that’s been in your cupboard for months, wrap it up and put it in the box with the items that follow in #3. You dont need this food anymore. It’s a crutch.

3) You may have items of clothing you’ve been hanging on to since you fit into a size four or five: a pair of jeans you wore in high school, or a bathing suit that looked terrific when you were twenty-one. You may have worn those clothes to draw attention to your body when you were starving yourself down to 101 pounds. Now, you continue to hang on to the false belief that you’ll once again get into them. (You might, but not for the same reasons.) Put all those items of clothing in a box with the packaged food and secure it with strapping tape strong enough to make it difficult to open.

4) Now place the sealed box in your attic or storeroom, where you know you can get to it if necessary. Then, in big black letters write on the box: FALSE CRUTCHES. Put today’s date on the box. You no longer need those tangibles to help you lose weight. However, if you ever feel you need to wear or eat what’s in the box, go get it. We’re not taking things away from you. We are only creating distance between you and the things which are guaranteed to impede your progress.

People who lose weight permanently take the initiative and remove all false crutches from their lives and begin living from the inside out. Please carry out each of the suggestions in this Action Plan now, because they they have been clinically proven to help protect you from sneak attacks which are sure to come.

SOURCE: Chapter 1, Losing Weight Permanently: Secrets of the 2 Percent Club by Gregory L. Jantz, PhD., founder of The Center for Counseling and Health Resources Inc.

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