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Treatment for OCD

How long will my stay for OCD treatment at A Place of Hope run?

OCD treatment at A Place of Hope’s Center for Counseling and Health Resources is different for everyone. Because each of us is an individual, we’re committed to making sure your treatment for OCD addresses the unique aspects at play in your situation. With this in mind, your stay for compulsive disorder treatment is not pre-determined. Rather you’ll stay for a length of time best suited for you. Many of us are helpless to address the symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder in ourselves or in those close to us. Our experienced and compassionate staff will help you to answer the question “what is OCD?” and design a path toward rehabilitation built on a foundation of wholehearted support. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to learn more about our highly-acclaimed wellness programs. A full and lasting recovery is closer than you could ever imagine.  

If you’ve made the decision to seek OCD treatment we’d like to be among the first to say congratulations, and would to speak to you about seeking treatment at A Place of Hope. Our experience and unique and proven approach are certain to serve you well.

  • We’ve offered customized OCD recovery programs for over two decades
  • We facilitate recovery using a whole-person approach to address the individual inside and out
  • Our staff is comprised of psychologists, medical personnel, RN, counselors, OCD specialists, nutritionists, fitness trainers and more who are among the most respected in their fields
  • You will stay for a length of time determined as part of your customized treatment program
  • Treatment at The Center is based upon the creation of a safe, confidential and supportive foundation

We strive to make treatment for OCD affordable and accessible to those that need it most. Now that you’ve made the decision to seek help we hope you’ll follow through with it by reaching out for the help you need. Good people like those at The Center know what you’re going through because they see it every day. Working closely with you they can set you on a path free of the obsessions and compulsions you are currently experiencing.

Seek the obsessive compulsive disorder treatment you deserve today at A Place of Hope. Our one-of-a-kind staff and all-inclusive residential treatment facility will provide the perfect atmosphere for your recovery. And when your treatment is complete we’ll send you back to your life with real and lasting solutions firmly in-hand.

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