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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Recovery Program

Are there different types of obsessive compulsive disorder and if so how many?

Our obsessive compulsive disorder treatment center is a wellness program that treats the individual. There are several different types of OCD, and your recovery program will be based not only on what type you’re experiencing but also the unique issues of mind, body and spirit behind your condition. Here OCD treatment is not “one size fits all.” If you or a loved is experiencing symptoms of OCD we encourage you to tap into the support and compassion you’ll find at A Place of Hope. What is OCD? In our eyes it is something that has no business in your life. The idea of rehabilitation doesn’t have to be a frightening one. In fact, we believe that treatment for OCD can be inspiring and empowering. Join us at our residential treatment facility today to learn more about the type of obsessive compulsive disorder you’re experiencing, and begin the process of reclaiming a healthy and balanced existence.

Through obsessive compulsive disorder treatment at A Place of Hope you can educate yourself as to the type of OCD you are experiencing. The five types of OCD include:

  • Washers
  • Checkers
  • Doubters
  • Counters
  • Hoarders

Through your customized OCD treatment plan you’ll come to understand why these issues have played out in your life. We’ll get to know the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, nutritional and relational aspects of your life in great detail, allowing for a window into what is truly troubling your soul. 

Treatment for OCD at A Place of Hope will continue for a length of time best suited for you. You’ll be encouraged to share your experiences and express yourself in order to promote healing. The environment you’ll find here is one that promotes the idea of hope at every turn. Hope is a real and living thing. We know because we see it every day. You do have the power to overcome the symptoms of OCD. Begin your recovery today. 

Those that suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder can feel overwhelmed and hopeless, but there is hope available. We hope you’ll call A Place of Hope today to get a better feel for what OCD treatment entails here and how it can benefit you. The underlying issues behind your disorder will be revealed here, and when they are you’ll be on the road to recovery. The promise of a healthier, happier life awaits you at A Place of Hope.

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