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Nicole, 27 – Female. December 2015

My primary goal when arriving was learning how to cope with stress and to learn how to resist compulsive behaviors such as alcoholism and bulimia.

My experience with the Admissions team was both informative and comfortable. I was not very clear-minded during the admissions process, but the team was able to help guide me and was able to successfully reach the steps needed to be admitted.The staff was very patient and helpful with me during my arrival. My extreme exhaustion and mental confusion made everything a bit more challenging, but the staff was very accommodating and non-judgmental.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful the treatment team is. Not only are they knowledgeable and professional, but they are caring and good-hearted. It was of utmost importance that I found a team of counselors that I felt that I could trust. Here at the center, I not only met counselors that I could trust… I found counselors that I looked up to and who believed in me.

The medical team is a duo of rock stars! I see how busy they are, but somehow they manage to find the time to meet all of our needs. I never felt rushed or overlooked. I felt as if my needs, questions and concerns were taken seriously.

I really enjoyed the time that I had with each of my primary counselors. My primary is not only warm and funny, but she is highly intellectual and wasn’t afraid to challenge my thoughts, actions and beliefs. Out of all of the counselors, her insight and approach pushed me to realize things about myself that I did not see and her demeanor and authenticity gave me the buy in to make necessary changes. My secondary is the counselor that I spent the most time with and I am grateful for that. When I talk with her, I feel like I can fully be myself with her. I know that she truly cares about me and her compassion and warmth has helped me through my hardest days. Also, her realism and direct communication has really helped me to make changes now instead of having changes live as a conception in my mind. I am going to miss them both dearly.

I found the, “whole person” approach to be quite effective. I have been in treatment programs before that segregate issues and have found them to be inadequate in maintaining any type of change. I discovered through the “whole person” approach at the center that many of my issues were intertwined with struggles in other areas of my life. Being able to address so many dynamics of my life has helped me to understand what my problems stem from and how they can be addressed.

Thank you for everything that you have provided me with! Way to go after your dreams, Dr. Jantz. It must have taken a lot of courage to not only dream of a place like the Center, but to also take the risk of making it a reality. Thank God that you did.


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