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Dr. Jantz and The Center Partner with Dr. Michael Gurian

Are you getting on with your life with courage and enthusiasm, knowing that somehow you will fulfill your dreams, or have you all but thrown in the towel? Your answers reflect how you see yourself today but they also may suggest that you are still believing and living out too many of the lies your life script may have been feeding you.

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Get Moving: Physical Motion and Depression

Fat is a bad word.  Diet is a bad word. Exercise is a bad word.  That’s why we need to discuss “physical motion.”  The reality is that most people don’t exercise, but everybody moves.  Ben came to The Center • A Place of HOPE tired, burned out,... read more

Dealing with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

GAD isn’t a single bad day or even a bad week; it’s an ongoing state of worry, concern, and heightened anxiety over everyday events for six months or more. It’s constant worry about what if, what could with no discernible solution, no end, and no peace.

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Finding Emotional Balance During Depression

What’s wrong with me?  When his coworkers found out about Mark’s promotion — something he hadn’t even applied for — they slapped his back, shook his hand, and gave him high fives.  Mark couldn’t figure out why he didn’t feel... read more

The Role of Magnesium in Optimum Brain Performance

Let’s get a truth on the table at the outset. Your brain and your cognitive function are not optimized unless each cell has sufficient nutrition to function properly. Said another way, the average American diet is so deficient in many of the critical nutrients needed... read more

The Surprising Role of Nutrition in Mental Health

The Surprising Role of Nutrition in Mental Health Is there a link between your diet and your mental health? The rate of mental health issues among our population is on the rise – the World Health Organization forecast depression to be the number one disease on earth... read more

Self-Mutilation Cutting | A Dangerous Catharsis

Cutting and self-mutilation, most common in teenage women, affect an unexpectedly large number of both sexes from all walks of life every day. The shame and disgust associated with such self-destruction keeps many from seeking help. As painful as it may be, the... read more