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New Book Blog Series – Gotta Have It!

Are you spending so much time trying to get what you want that you have no energy left to get what you need? Then I invite you to join me in a new blog series featuring excerpts from my new book, Gotta Have It! Freedom From Wanting Everything Right Here, Right Now.

Each of us has a “never enough activity, food, or behavior — and we’re ready to throw a grown-up tantrum when we don’t get it. I call this phenomenon excessity — when our excesses become necessities.

Excessities are our reward, our coping mechanism, and the illusory answer to pain. We feel we need their pleasure to insulate us from a difficult world. Yet the more we starve what we really need — such as purpose, hope, and security — the greater our hunger grows for what will never satisfy.

In Gotta Have It! you are invited to discover the truth that is hiding behind your secret desires. With real-life stories and sections for self-reflection, Gotta Have It! will help you see your life as never before — and delight in the ways God is longing to fulfill your true needs.

The book is divided into three sections:

Section 1 helps us identify those things that we’ve declared are an absolute necessity in life. It will also help identify if a necessity is — or has the potential to become — an overpowering excessity.

After identifying the truth behind our desires and wants, we’re going to take a look at our true needs in section 2. I will warn you up front that we are not the best judges of what our true needs are. Therefore, we’re also going to look at what God has to say about true needs and about wants and desires. When it comes to a plumb line for measuring whether or nothing something is a true need, we’re going to use God’s Word rather than relying on our own understanding or emotions. Take a deep breath now because this won’t be easy.

Section 3 is a reminder of the amazing provision of God in our lives. It will also help you to see the wisdom in letting go of some things so that you’re prepared to grab hold of others much more valuable.

Tomorrow section 1 begins — “The Power of Wants.”

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