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Neal, 40 – Male. November 2017

My first impression of The Center was excellent. My call with the admissions team was very organized, professional and engaging. I had high expectation of The Center (which were met in abundance) after working with them. My primary concern before coming was to understand what was wrong with me and why all previous therapy programs didn’t seem to work. (Which I now understand that these previous programs were only attempting to treat symptoms – not the root (not to be confused with the cause) of my issues).

My one-on-ones were right on the mark. Between the Biblical counseling received, the HEALS program, and the classes (apart from DBT- especially CBT, Boundaries and Faith) I now believe the root of my bringing issues was that I did not have any self-worth apart from my performance in the given role I was fulfilling at any given time (Husband, Father, Employee, Soldier, Student, etc.) and have a whole different schema through which I am viewing life, myself and those with whom and am relating. Though I find the DBT a critical part of the program, my comments above were with regard to my healing – I believe DBT is going to be critical to master going forward as it provides skills that I did not learn during my emotional development thus far.

The medical team was excellent – very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. Completely exceeded my expectations (as I was only expecting Mental Health Treatment), especially the DNA test ordered and thoroughly explained – answered a few lingering questions as to why previous psychiatric medication treatment have had a radically opposite effect than my psychiatric provider at home intended – I hope to gain more insights as I study the results of the DNA test more.

my entire treatment team to be excellent teachers/group facilitators (the classes tended to shift back and forth between class and group therapy) as they are not only very knowledgeable, able to communicate that knowledge in a understandable way – but are highly skilled at knowing when to shift into group-therapy mode as needed and facilitate this aspect without getting side tracked.

Aside from the whole person approach and DBT, which I think was key – if I had to pick one aspect that was most beneficial to me, it would be the group therapy. Though the information and skills that the program is designed to impart was integral to my overall experience here, I don’t think I would have been able to apply those well, if at all, without the testimonies of my fellow and the experiences that they have shared.

I give my strongest recommendation to The Center for anyone considering treatment.

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