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Moving Beyond Depression [BOOK EXCERPTS]

“What is wrong with me? Beth wondered. The worry, never far from the surface of her thoughts, intruded again. But still, Beth had no answer. She felt run down, listles, and unable to generate energy or enthusiasm about anything. She made sure her kids were taken care of and pantomimed her way through a declining number of social functions, but she couldn’t remember the last time she could honestly say she felt good….”

So begins my book, Moving Beyond Depression: A Whole-Personal Approach to Healing. And based on statistics from the World Health Organization that show an alarming rise in depression, the importance of sharing an effective treatment that has proven success is critical. In fact, by 2020 it is projected that, second only to heart disease, depression will be the leading cause of debilitating illness.

If you suspect that you are depressed, take this depression survey. Though no replacement for a formal diagnosis, it can help you recognize the signs so you can reach out for the help you need. Beyond that I do recommend my book, excerpts of which I have linked to for you below.

14 Book Excerpts from Moving Beyond Depression

Moving Beyond Depression: A Whole-Person Approach

Drowning in Anger, Fear and Guilt: Beth’s Journey Through Depression

Coming Out of the Darkness: Treating Depression — Body, Mind and Spirit

Positive Self-Talk: An Exercise in Emotional Health

Are Everyday Activities Filling or Draining You? A Journaling Activity

Are You Doing Too Much, Or Too Little? How Activity Level Causes Depression

Learned Invisibility: Are You In Hiding?

How to Identify Family Patterns of Emotional Abuse

Rebuilding Relationships: Boundaries

Antidepressants to the Rescue? Angela’s Story

Depression: What Your Body Can Tell You

Replenishing the Body: Rachel’s Story

Renewing Your Spiritual Connections

Why Nobody Wins the Blame Game

The Center for Counseling and Health Resources is a treatment center that follows a model of whole-person care, addressing the physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional, fitness and spiritual aspects of each person seeking help through one of our treatment programs, including treatment for depression.

If you would like more information about our depression treatment program, please request a free consultation today.

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