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Melissa, 38 – Female. June 2017

My goals were to be able to control or have tools to help my anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I needed help in dealing with grief, loss, guilt and shame as well as relationship issues dealing with emotional and verbal abuse. I also needed help with withdrawals from Ativan.

The admissions team was great, they got me in immediately which I was hoping for. They also were able to get me my own room with bathroom. It was nice to know that they considered my weakened immune system and inability to walk long distances to get me a place close to the center. They were very caring and detailed to get me into the right classes as well as a team I could really relate to.

My primary was so caring and really wanted to spend the time to go through everything that I needed without me feeling rushed. She even went the extra mile to bring flower petals, walk down to the pier (in heels 🙂 with me and do a little memorial for my pets. She knew all their names and helped me find the teaching in each ones life and passing. It meant the world to me and I am forever grateful. I really appreciated the fact that I had help 6 days a week, pretty much from 9-5 and quite a few one on ones. I was extremely satisfied with the program.

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