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Mary, 36 – Female. March 2016

From the initial phone call to the time I arrived at The Center, I felt very supported and heard. Admissions was very detail oriented, kind, easy going and reassuring. Given the state of mind I was in going into treatment, the Admissions Team made the process seamless and very low stress.

My primary goals in coming to The Center were to deal with depression, anxiety and severe grief and loss.

I LOVED my treatment team. Each co-primary on my team brought a unique perspective, talents and approach to treatment that blessed me with a well rounded approach to healing. I never experienced a lack of care, empathy or desire to help.

My medical team never ceased to amaze me. Their work ethic was always firing on all cylinders and yet when I entered their space, their attention was completely on my care and they were fully present. I felt heard, seen and important.

Every treatment team member played a very important role in my time here. I have a very deep connection to the staff who came alongside me and helped me rediscover the wings God gave me. I will be forever grateful.

I look forward to seeing The Center continue in their ministry of delivering the message of Hope to others. It is a journey, not a destination and I feel very blessed to have been witness to the service done within this community.God Bless all of you. I take you in my heart.

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