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Maria, 29 – Female. December 2016

It was a very smooth process! I was able to talk to someone right away when I called and answered the questions I had about the program. We booked my intake assessment and bam, I was here two weeks later. I was very impressed with the quick turn around time and all the information I was sent before coming. It also made me feel so much better that they helped so much with a shuttle after my flight!

I think the treatment team truly a special, special group of people that genuinely care about the work that they do. I know some of them that worked with me went through their own dark times and were able to share to relate to where I am at, but also to give me hope that there is healing and victory after the work.

I love the Christian music always playing! It is awesome that this is a Christian facility and made known that Christ is the key part of healing process, but they let the patients figure that out for themselves instead of pushing it on them. I really like that because I watched several hearts change while I have been here because of that.

I am grateful for my time at The Center and would encourage others to come here is they are looking for quality care from an experienced staff.

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