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Kristina, 30 – Female. October 2015

I wanted to minimize depression and anxiety. I wanted to establish new habits and take control of my life. I wanted to have HOPE for a better life.
The admissions team was amazing. I was so unsure if The Center was going to be the right place for me and several times, I thought that maybe I didn’t deserve to receive treatment. But admissions was so kind, compassionate, and willing to pray for me. They were that true first line of contact that made the decision to come here easier and he was very reassuring. I am so thankful to Michael for taking the time to talk with me and pray for me. 

Orientation was amazing. She was very kind and helpful which is always nice when you are scared and nervous. At this time I don’t see what would need to be added or changed.  I am so thankful to God for handpicking my treatment team. They have helped set me on the right path. I will forever be grateful for all the support and guidance they have given to me. Words can not even express my gratitude towards these 4 amazing women. The Center is so blessed to have them on staff! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

I am so thankful for the care I received by both of the amazing women on my medical team. The Center is so blessed to have both of them on staff.

I just want to THANK YOU TO EVERYONE! The entire staff at the Center has been amazing, and my life has truly been transformed by receiving care at the Center.

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