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Koraley, 60 – Female. October 2015

I came to The Center to get help dealing with my own issues, so that I could have greater clarity to understand the way forward in my marriage. Also I needed help in general concerning relational issues. My deteriorating emotional health was also alarming me, as were my physical symptoms.

My treatment team was truthful and informative, teaching and ministering with kindness, sensitivity, compassion and grace. I felt very much being held up in prayer and in the arms of our Lord, and that everything was happening as it should…like a tapestry of support and healing interwoven together for my good. I felt understood, respected and validated. 

I loved the whole person approach. I received healing in every area. The One on One’s were very beneficial for me, in that I could finally open up and share my story in a safe (and yet challenging) place and no one would be hurt by it. Both primary team members’ teaching in the Faith classes were insightful and awesome, and obviously Holy Spirit led. The teaching in Depression and Loss brought awareness and healing. The teachers teach with such kindness and compassion…plus with great insight, and leading of the Spirit. Even the shared accommodation helped me, in sharing my story and airing it out, receiving love and wisdom from other survivors and being able to give back to them as well.

Thank you all so much! 

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