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Kevin, 33 – Male. February 2016

I came to feel like I could dream and have hope again. I came here feeling like such a failure because I couldn’t control my mind. The Admissions team was amazing. I felt very confident in speaking with them. She made what seemed like a major failure in my life, reaching out for help in this area, as a major success. She was also amazing at helping getting the insurance process figured out. Her kind words, compassionate, and understanding words made this whole process much easier.

My treatment team was truly life giving. The overall team was just amazing. From my one on ones to the classes I literally have no complaints.The medical team was great. Both team members were kind and compassionate. My doctor provided helpful whole body healing insight. He was amazing at finding a medicine combo that works for me. And the fitness nurse was great, she gave me exercises that I could incorporate the whole family into.

My treatment team were all amazing. I am truly blessed to have been under there care and teaching during this season of my life. I can’t thank them enough for how they have given me skills, encouragement, and spoken hope into places where I thought the hopes and dream I had were gone.

All aspects of my program were outstanding for me. From the communal cooking class, to the realness of men’s anger. It was all beneficial, and I gleaned many great insights and tools for the next season of my life. If you could extend huge thank you’s to everyone who was part of my treatment and process here that would be amazing. I cannot thank all those involved in my care enough.

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